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2015/8/5 17:23:30
help me please yes, you can use muvizu on 2 computers with 1 serial number, but you have to re-activate each computer each time, since muvizu only allows 1 licensed instance of any given serial number. so yes, i can use it on 2 computers, but not with 2 users at the same time. yes i checked my junk drawer. no email, and i have emaisl going back 7 years.

is there any particular reason that you can think of why i have not received a reply from muvizu? All i want is my original serial number, so i can run 2 instance of muvizu at the same time on 2 computers, with the 2 licenses i purchased. isn't this a simple request?

thanks for your help.
2015/8/5 16:33:43
help me please what do i have to do to get my serial number back? I have asked several times. i do not have a copy in my emails. i bought a second copy, but since i paid for 2, i want the first serial number so i can run plus on 2 computers, sincve i paid for it.


2015/8/4 20:39:37
help me please thanks. i have the old version on another computer. when it asked me to upgrade, i said no. thank goodness. this new version DOES NOT WORK WITH WINDOWS 10. I lost 1/2 day at work here with editors, producers, my director and others. We are on a huge deadline. So here is a message for the development team at Muvizu -- test your damned software before foisting it on the users. I am not impressed, and I am sure any other windows 10 users will have the same problems. It costed us over a thousand in lost wages. your software isnt worth thirty bucks if you run your company this way.
2015/8/4 19:21:22
help me please I am not impressed. i was working on muvizu this morning. i have a big deadline. suddenly a pop up asks me if i want to upgrade to a newer version. i clicked yes. the machine downloaded a new file. i ran it. Then when i rendered movies, all i got was sound and no video. i spent several hours trying to get ahold of your company. no luck, no phone, no chat service -- no support yet. i redownloaded the muvizu. now it wont recognize my license. when i log in and try to get help, it says i have to buy a new copy. i try to buy, but it wont let me -- saying i already bought it!!

I am not playing a game here, this is my business that is suffering. you need some real support.
what do i have to do to get things going again?

I am not impressed. i paid for your product. get back to me.
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