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2010/8/20 10:50:02
"General protection Fault!" General protection fault!
History: GImage::GImage() Address = 0x10b69479 (filename not found)
GImage::GImage() Address = 0x10b38d1a (filename not found)

I created a curved road peice, it spawned underneath the floor and fell to into nothing. This message came up, forcing me to quit Muvizu. It's happened a few times now and is getting pretty annoying!
2010/8/19 19:39:23
Moving Vehicles Me too! I've thought of a couple of ideas which involve veichles, but I haven't been able to use them! Mind you, I can't see any Car chase scenes with only 4 cameras.....
2010/8/19 11:26:35
controlable eyebrows Sounds cool! I'd use that feature!
2010/8/19 11:25:32
Muvizu thoughts?? Brilliant! So easy to use with fantastic results! The props are cartoony, the physics is great as is the lighting, the seperate animations are really smooth and the chracter customisation possibilties are endless.

But, I have to agree with Than, that resizing objects can be a bit tricky, not being able to edit height/width seperatley. Also positioning objects can be a bit fiddly, but on the whole, I think it's great! I will certianly be using this program for a while and tops the old one I was using by miles!
2010/8/19 11:09:39
Keyboard Shortcuts Cool! I'll try that out!
2010/8/19 11:05:33
Multiple select tool. It would be useful if there was a Tool that let you select multiple props/characters at one time. Perhaps by holding Ctrl + X or Ctrl + C and dragging the mouse of objects you want to select. Is there already a way to do this? I'm pretty new to muvizu (only joined a couple of days ago) so I don't really know.
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