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2010/8/24 11:07:20
hiding character from camera Thanks for the work arounds. I imagine that this will be addressed in later releases? A hide character check box on time line perhaps........
2010/8/23 18:18:04
hiding character from camera Is it possible to hide a character from the camera to create the illusion of disappearing? (and reappearing) ?
2010/8/22 8:58:01
Muvizu thoughts?? eunji wrote:
i need to write a review for Muvizu for a blog....So i want all you users to tell me what you think about this software!

It seems your work is done! I have worked in 3-d for 15 years. CARTOON animation in 3-d has not been easier and this is the beta version! Wow, keep up the great work...................
2010/8/20 12:55:38
newbie question about camera recording How does one record from a camera as the camera is moving along a path (to record the dolly motions)? Thank you for your replies.......
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