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2016/10/2 9:18:40
error saving the scene Hi,

If I attach an "UN helmet press" hat to a character, everything is working fine and normal. Character wear helmet in such project with no problem.

But if I want to save this project with this hat included I got the message: "There was an error saving the scene. Necessary data is missing from database."

It supposed to be a bug, as helmet is already used in the project with no errors reported... before saving.

I have a full registered, 2016.09.07.01R version

Please help. Thx.

2015/9/12 18:29:02
Camera setings during directing MrDrWho13 wrote:
PrimusThe3rd wrote:
This indeed work nicely. Now I can recreate 'vertigo' video effect... :-)

I tried it, but had trouble getting the FOV to be smooth. Let us know how you get on.

Well, smoothness is indeed another issue... but guess we have to wait for some new version of Muvizu 😯
2015/9/12 11:41:13
Camera setings during directing Thanks Danimal.

This indeed work nicely. Now I can recreate 'vertigo' video effect... :-)

2015/9/11 19:35:50
Camera setings during directing Hi, I'm wondering if there is any chance to change FOV of Camera or focus during shooting a scene...

I know a pan, tilt and rotate camera (camera movements) are possible but what about FOV (wide/tele) or focus changes when camera is RECORDING.

Am I missing something?

Thanks for any help.

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