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2018/8/24 22:38:47
Eu sempre fiz um esforço honesto para encorajar as pessoas nesses fóruns (e outros) e também para evitar qualquer crítica. No entanto, fazer um esforço não garante sucesso. Eu acredito em você quando você diz que eu ofendi você, mas eu não lembro de ter dito nada para te insultar. Se eu te ofendi, foi por causa da escolha de palavras que não comunicam o meu significado quando são traduzidas para o seu idioma. Por favor, aceite minhas sinceras desculpas por qualquer coisa que eu tenha dito para ofendê-lo.

esta mensagem foi traduzida pelo Google e pode não representar com exatidão minhas intenções
2018/2/3 0:39:29
Inside a car Until Muvizu's assets are back online, you can download one of the many cars available from ANIZU's asset library
2017/12/2 1:12:53
Timeline won't appear I don't work for Meshmellow... I am just a fellow user of the software. Somebody from the company would need to answer questions about why things don't happen as in the past.

Speaking as an outsider: The original owner (Digimania) sold muvizu to Meshmellow in August 2017. It is my suspicion that they are still not ready to continue operations at 100% . I think downloading the software is one of the things that isn't working yet.

Be patient... they didn't spend the money to buy Muvizu in order to let it die. When they are ready to continue developing the web site, it will happen.
2017/11/29 21:18:38
Timeline won't appear I've had problems in the past with various dialog boxes failing to appear, and what I'm about to suggest worked for me.

Instead of MAXIMIZING the Muvizu window, select the sizable window state, then stretch it back to fit most of the window. Then with the program no longer maximized, try again and see if the timeline appears.

If it doesn't, drag the main window out of the way to see if the timeline failed to come forward. (It might be open, but behind the main window).

Please let us know if this works
2017/10/30 23:20:03
Unlimited licencing question Put my name on the long list of people who would love to see Muvizu fully functional again by Christmas (2017)

Having said that, I don't know how big a deal Christmas is in Asia. But their legacy customers in the west would probably line up to buy a new character or asset pack for Christmas. I know I would.
2017/5/23 17:53:12
Indy Jones and the Temple of Zu ritsmer wrote:
How impressive to see what can be done when creating new sets and props and whatever the director wants is not an issue when one has got graphic skills as Clayster has.

The temple is simply awesome..

yeah, Clayster's sets and attachments always capture the perfect look for his videos. I'd like to see a "dream team" of Muvizu creators band together to bring all the best skills to one project. There are so many hats that need to be worn that it is hard for one person to do everything
2017/5/23 15:54:36
Indy Jones and the Temple of Zu Amissimal wrote:
Impressive, but I notice a lot of noise in the audio...

That's true, Clay. Your videos are awesome in every way except sound quality. Whatever mic you are using has problems. There are some good USB mics that don't cost a lot... search for SNOWBALL USB ... I've seen them for as little as $39, but you can buy them at many online stores for under $100

The main things to keep in mind when recording sound:

1) minimize room reflection with blankets or wall treatment (that's why radio stations and recording studios have acoustic foam on the walls). Failure to do this will almost certainly introduce a reverb-like attribute that can't be removed. It sounds like the speaker is in a barrel

2) High background hiss can come from poor mic quality, but it can also come from recording at too low a volume, then boosting the volume later (which also amplifies the hiss). When recording dialog, you can judge the quality of your signal by the graphical image of the WAV. It should fill about 80% of the area it fits in, but it should never get so large that the top and bottom flatten out. That's called CLIPPING, and once it happens, the sound will be distorted and can't be fixed.

A good full-formed WAV recorded with a hiss-free mic should generate dialog free from background noise.
2017/5/22 20:30:07
My 4th episode finally finished with new features! Nick, great job with this episode! Looks like you changed the character's skins? They look more realistic to me than in past episodes, unless I'm just seeing them more closely. Your sets are very nice and texturing overall is top-notch!

I like the way your dialog is presented as banter... especially for the situations you present, that method of developing dialog works very well.

Great job!
2017/5/22 20:25:02
Indy Jones and the Temple of Zu love the sets, Clayster! You've done a very good job of building a place and not just a set. I look forward to seeing how this story develops!
2017/5/22 14:38:29
sale on Silo 2.3.1 ikes wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
update: the FBX output doesn't work in Muvizu. I'm guessing it's a newer variant of the FBX format than the 2012 version that works in Muvizu. Bummer.

Hi Pat,

That's strange, what version is the FBX exporter? The FBX 2014 version from Daz3D Studio does work with muvizu.

I've heard thru the grapevie (Urban Lamb, as I recall) that the newer variants of FBX don't work in Muvizu, but I haven't done exhaustive research to see what year it stopped working. When I used the Autodesk FBX converter, the 2012 variant worked, and some later ones didn't. Perhaps I jumped to an incorrect conclusion about the break point.

But the point of my post wasn't to declare empirically what year the FBX version stopped working in Muvizu. It was to express my disappointment that the long-awaited addition of FBX to Silo isn't going to give me what I need for Muvizu.
2017/5/21 13:19:38
sale on Silo 2.3.1 A while back Several Muvizu users bought Silo 2.3.1 when it was offered at a reduced price on Steam.

I just got an email saying there is a beta version available that includes FBX export.

    FBX and Collada support (for easier export to game engines like Unity and Unreal, making Steam mods, etc.)An updated windowing systemUnder-the-hood rewrites (to improve performance and stability)Bug fixes
Note that the beta is currently Windows-only;

link to the download: (scroll down to where it says "TRY THE SILO 2.4 BETA"

update: the FBX output doesn't work in Muvizu. I'm guessing it's a newer variant of the FBX format than the version that works in Muvizu. Bummer.

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2017/5/13 20:06:33
Chewbacca sizing is a bit of trial and error, but here's my general rule of thumb:

Most modelling programs have a plane/grid visible when you open it. If you imagine that grid to be a chess board, model your character to be about the size of a chess piece on a board of that size. Then save as FBX, and open it in Muvizu. Chances of getting the size right on the first try is slim, but you should be close enough to make adjustments and try again until your test character is about the same size as a Muvizu character.

Once you have it sized correctly then model all future attachments to fit that character.

a note about attachments: the model's origin (XYZ=0) is where the attachment will "bind" to your Muvizu character's attachment point. Each attachment point (hair, nose, ears, hat, belt etc) will have its own zero point... meaning a belt will attach at the waist, a hat will attach at the head etc. But regarding the attachments you make, you must reposition the center of the attachment to x0 y0 z0 or it won't connect to your character in the right location.
2017/5/13 19:53:30
Spaceman they're looking for a buyer, and if they find one, I guess that's who will get the source code.
Regarding the community, here's a link to a new off-site community set up by one of the users. Many of us have already joined in case this site goes down again.
2017/5/13 16:47:56
Chewbacca alas, you are right, painted hair (or any other texture) looks flat. But that is the only real option you have. Muvizu doesn't let you export anything, it only imports.

One thing you COULD do (if you know how to use Blender and make models) is to model a full-head mask for Chewbacca, which could be shaped to look more like fur.
2017/5/8 12:33:43
Import object from another set bmsict1 wrote:
Thanks guys, but have tried both of these suggestions and neither work. We are using Play+.
Any more ideas?

did you open two instances of Muvizu, copying from one instance and pasting to the other?
2017/5/7 22:28:30
CHARACTER UVMAPS Unfortunately, nothing more can be bought from the store at this time. I wouldn't expect that to change any time soon.
2017/5/7 22:24:40
I'm back with another question here about the UV map outfits. I wonder why my Asian characters have only a couple of plain clothes outfits and not the fancy long dresses and colorful pantaloons pictured on the website.

I think Ikes is correct in saying that the dress and pantaloons are part of the South Asian character pack. The outfits shown in the store ad for the Asian characters are pretty much all you get... You can change the color and texture of those outfits, but the type of clothing (shorts as opposed to dresses) is limited to what came with that set. I know. Bummer.

Do I in fact need to reinstall all of muvizu and not just execute the new character download (after all)? I is sooo cofused....... lol.

At this point I would be reluctant to advise anybody to reinstall, mostly because I firmly believe in Murphy's law and I wouldn't want to feel responsible for encouraging friends to mess up something that still worked until they followed my dumb advice. ;-(

While it is convenient to find UVMaps from inside the program, many people find it more convenient to have all of the UVMaps on their hard drive where they can be conveniently opened in an editor. With that thought in mind, Ziggy has posted all of the UVMaps here in a zip file:!ALlUfF5OI9dJgUM

Rather than reinstalling the program, you're probably better off downloading Ziggy's UVMaps and storing them somewhere you can find them easily when you need them.

edited by PatMarrNC on 07/05/2017
2017/5/4 15:07:03
CHARACTER UVMAPS Glad it helped, Witchy! I suspect that a lot of people would benefit by checking this now while we have a window of opportunity to DL and reinstall the latest versions of character packs and the core program. Once this window closes, there won't be any more chance to do so.
2017/5/3 22:57:02
can not install due to: a bigger problem might be getting it activated once you've installed it.
2017/5/3 16:42:53
Fake news? primaveranz wrote:
Why is this site still advertising products that it can't sell or support? Is this not false advertising?

maybe they just want a visual demo to help them sell the product? Otherwise it's kind of like a dating site with no photos.
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