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2010/8/22 11:52:56
Things that make you go uhm! Hi Jim.
Am thoroughly hooked. Spent 7 hours trying to get a good lip sync. Found using the dialogue technique hard to control. The auto talk script worked against me. Never thought to look if there is a script for a finer mouth control. Any way

More transport buttons on the time line. Having access to a fast forward and rewind button would definitely make fine tuning the time line far easier That coupled with some seek-able markers to help to locate the specific parameter your tweaking.

Then again It's easy for me to tell you what I'd like I'm not coding it. Nice one chaps and thanks again

P.S. first effort
.7 Hours and only just scratched the surface. Bye Bye life
2010/8/21 23:01:35
Things that make you go uhm! Hi all
After seeing this program on BBC Click I knew I had to have a play and boy have I been enjoying it, However....The project I have created involves a lot of careful tweaking of the dialogue time line in order to achieve a fairly good lip sink to an existing music track. My first problem is that after stopping and altering the time line the animation has to be run from the beginning to avoid syncing problems. Is there anyway around this. Also would it be possible to have more transport controls and a digital readout of current position in thedirector time line. I don't want much just fast forward and rewind buttons. If you could throw in a way of marking sections for easy reference I wouldn't complain. The director time line can be quite a pain to grab and select so any improvements here would be much appreciated. Thanks for a great program
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