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2011/5/30 11:49:01
Industrial-scale collaboration Script. I'd be very happy to have Danimal's help (and anyone else's) with it though.
2011/5/29 22:43:23
Industrial-scale collaboration It's not meant to be an original or ground-breaking idea. It's a parody (that's my excuse, anyway). Although I hope that we can put original elements in it. Another possible title, should we decide that we want another (though I'm not bothered) is 'Some Reich It Hot'. Nowhere near as good, or relevant, but perhaps not done.
2011/5/29 18:15:41
Industrial-scale collaboration Such references could easily be omitted so as to make the project as inclusive as possible (it wasn't a particularly funny joke, anyway). I understand that no story will please everyone, though. Just as an indication, then, how many people are happy with the project as it is currently?
2011/5/28 22:49:52
Industrial-scale collaboration It'd be best to have as many people on board as possible, though. Nazis could be done not offensively, if that's the objection (though I personally like edgy comedy). If it's just that the Nazis are old hat, then fine. I wouldn't mind scrapping the Nazi element (much as I like 'Back to the Fuhrer' as a title), but I like the secret agent element, as it's quite ripe for parody. If not Nazis, what other time travel stories could we do?
2011/5/27 12:12:34
Industrial-scale collaboration In certain scenes that'd work, but a time travel movie inevitably needs a lot of exposition. Dialogue can be funny, but for silent bits, I've got an idea in mind for a scene where an assassin and the father of one of the main characters are wrestling with a knife. As the fight goes one way then the other, the main character appears and disappears depending on who's winning (because his existence is threatened if his father is in danger of being stabbed, obviously). Then, his father could sneeze and the character's hat could change, just as an amusing example of the Butterfly Effect, I thought.
2011/5/27 8:44:31
Industrial-scale collaboration Interesting points, Danimal. I like Airplane too, and I agree about the 'Sorry, I get emotional' line, but I can't think of any reason why Doctor Grinder would turn round if not to show off his name. And yes, I did intend this to be the pre-credits sequence.

Artpen, yes, I did consider a Downfall parody, but it's already quite long. Although I might be able to fit one in elsewhere.
2011/5/26 13:52:58
Industrial-scale collaboration Wow, that's an ambitious idea. It would be bloody amazing if we could get someone of that calibre to even contribute just a line or two, which I think is more feasible. Even a B-list celeb would be good. I'm sure that Stephen Fry's pretty busy.
2011/5/26 9:42:20
Industrial-scale collaboration Interesting ideas, artpen. We could definitely include some of those. And great poster, Dreeko. Chuckles, I'd like to see your Beatles and Churchill, because they're probably better than mine.
2011/5/23 16:03:23
Industrial-scale collaboration A one-off movie, I think. It wouldn't really work as a series. Or at least, I think it'd work better as a self-contained story on a film scale.
2011/5/23 13:38:04
Industrial-scale collaboration How about at the end Nick Clegg gets hold of the time machine and uses it to go back and change the result of the election, or something? Just an idle thought which occurred to me.
2011/5/23 8:32:43
Industrial-scale collaboration Oh, Artpen: I like the idea of resurrecting British heroes. I was thinking something similar, but the Nazis could do it as well, with the most evil people in all of history. And 'Back to the Führer' is a great title. Or I could somehow make a musical instrument central to the plot, so that I could call it 'The Time Traveller's Fife'. Or it could be 'The Third Reich in the Fourth Dimension.' 'Back to the Führer' is probably better, though.
2011/5/23 8:24:44
Industrial-scale collaboration Glad that people like the Nazi idea. Re. the paradox, there are two possible solutions: either we think of some complicated way to explain this, or some plot which doesn't create such paradoxes, or we self-consciously gloss over it, in the manner of most time travel movies, making a joke out of the lack of logic. Toonarama: it sounds as though whoever made that film was inhaling illegal substances.
2011/5/22 17:10:18
Industrial-scale collaboration Essentially, the premise is this: the Nazis discover the secret of time travel and use it to go back and change history, so that they can rule the world. Discovering this, the British government, which also discovers time travel (perhaps through stealing the technology, the details are still a bit fuzzy in my head), launches a counter-offensive, going back to try to counter-act what the Nazis have done. This may involve things like seducing Hitler's mother to stop his conception. It would riff on all sorts of franchises and genres, such as James Bond, Indiana Jones, The Terminator and various war movies, as well as poking fun at some aspects of contemporary Britain, such as the Royal Family. I have a few jokes in mind, but it's very much up-in-the-air at the moment.
2011/5/22 10:32:15
Industrial-scale collaboration I've got an idea for a fairly epic project which would require quite a few collaborators, inspired by Iron Sky, for which I'd write the script and let other people do pretty much everything else. Anyone interested?
2010/10/28 8:29:21
God and the Devil- Final Showdown The next episode we've made thanks to the wondrous Muvizu.

2010/9/8 19:38:22
The Truth- Moon Landing

What really happened at the moon landing? Watch to fnd out!
2010/9/5 17:50:56
Reinstalled muvizu still no video access: my pc I know what the problem is!
Go to the timeline (tools, timeline)
Then, do you see at the bottom, a little diamond which is half pink half white? Drag that out to as long as you want the movie to be, and there you have it! The video button should appear.
2010/9/5 17:30:33
My first video Hey thanks guys Big Grin
Really appreciate the comments.
I'm currently trying to upload a new one, but for some reason the "video" button is greyed out... somewhat of a mystery.
2010/9/5 12:48:29
My first video Come and have a look; it may not be a masterpiece, but I was quite proud of it in the end.

2010/9/5 10:15:57
Cannot find make a movie\ Video button is grayed I have the same problem... it's most irritating
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