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2016/1/21 6:43:21
Failed to load object from file ritsmer wrote:
New version 2016.01.15 available.

This version has the same issue. I have spent countless hours doing and re doing a simple scene over and over only to have it fail to load. I have resorted to taking a screen shot of every scene as I finish it in order to continue which reqiures duplicating the entire set and picking up where I left off.
In addition I have also resorted to creating place markers on my sets for my characters so I can position them where they were so I have no jump from scene to scene. This is the single most irritating thing I have dealt with in my entire time in Video production. To not be able to re use a scene is not gonna work for me. I may move on to another software that doesn't require me to build a new set every time I have to use the program.
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