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2016/2/1 17:07:27
How do I..... i read I was slagging off on my own post. I am unfamiliar with the appropriate etiquette. It was not intentional.
2016/2/1 15:15:14
How do I..... Thank you. I appreciate that.
2016/2/1 15:11:31
How do I..... I apologize. I am new to this. I got the information I needed. It was very helpful in allowing me to finish my project. In the future I will think twice about posting because I don't want to upset anybody. Thank you all.
2016/1/29 19:49:32
How do I..... Not sure what you mean there ziggy72. I found all of this information to be very helpful.
2016/1/29 17:47:29
Rendering I thought most video editors could have the .avi video. I am hoping to bring my project into iMovie. Am I mistaken here?
2016/1/26 19:20:26
PC to Mac Imovie I am creating a Muvizu project on a PC. When complete is there a way to bring my video into a mac so I can edit in iMovie?
2016/1/26 17:22:19
How do I..... Import a car sounds serious. Are you talking about from a third party source or within Muvizu? Sounds like the vomit isn't so bad. It's the inside the car that appears to be more difficult.
2016/1/26 17:19:00
Rendering Got it to work. Turns out I had to upgrade by downloading the latest Muvizu version. Created a quick video in 720 and it rendered in a few minutes. Awesome. Thanks for the responses.
2016/1/26 3:04:37
How do I..... How do I create a scene inside a car and make a guy throw up(vomit).
2016/1/26 2:54:40
Rendering New to Muvizu. Just created my first shot. Took me all day but I am extremely frustrated as I cannot make the video. Rendering is stuck at 0%. It's been hours. I tried 1080, 720, 480, video and integrated images. Shot is less than 10 seconds. Have a whole story to tell. Due Saturday. Look forward to creating a library of projects but need help please. Only options were uncompressed, microsoft and intel video codecs. Tried them all. Heeeeelp Someone Pleeease HEEEEEELP!
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