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2009/10/30 13:33:39
Things I would like to see.

I know the program is still in its alpha stage and more will be added but, heres a few things i would like to see and everyone else should add things too. Gives us a nice place to throw some ideas about.
- Give the ability to move the head the same as is done with the eyes.
- The ability to select which of the happy, sad, angry etc animations is used instead of just getting one at random.
- The ability to have the lights change colour, brightness, position etc as the animation moves along.
- The ability to have objects move in the animation, nothing fancy, spin, topple etc.
- Add basic particle, smoke, fire etc.
- The ability for the program to link different scenes together or just have more cameras.
- The abilityto tell a character that he has to be at point A by the time the animation reaches 7 seconds etc. It would remove a certain amount of guess work and trial and error.
Few am all done for now, anyone else got any ideas.

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