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2016/11/20 20:43:35
BAND IN A BOX Looks interesting.

Have you ever tried musescore.org? It doesn't have any pre-recorded tracks and maybe wouldn't create the sound you are going for, but if you are interested in creating your own score from scratch it's worth a look. And it's free. And very easy to use.
2016/1/23 0:10:08
Can't find option to import audio Easy when you know how
2016/1/22 23:52:46
Can't find option to import audio To make a screen shot press Ctrl and PrtSc buttons, then paste it to a doc to post it

I think you need to Prepare>Audio to add the audio file before you try to Prepare>Dialogue
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2016/1/17 23:32:22
...like videos? That's great, thanks
2016/1/17 22:34:38
...like videos? I've been enjoying some of the fabulous works posted here, but I only seem to be able to access a Fb like (and then it doesn't seem to register on my Fb page).

No Muvizu like?

No Youtube like?

Am I completely incompetent?
2016/1/13 23:09:01
Robot wars By a strange coincidence my son and I were saying the other day that they should bring back Robot Wars. Loved it.
2016/1/10 13:43:04
Intel HD Graphics Driver issue That's brilliant, thanks for your help.
2016/1/10 11:01:18
Intel HD Graphics Driver issue I think I've tried everything now - cleaning, SDK download, system restore (again) - and still every time I open Muvizu it crashes the Intel graphic. So I'm thinking maybe start again. If I unistall Muvizu can I reinstall it from the same licence key? Or am I doomed to a life without Muvizu?
2016/1/9 23:53:38
Intel HD Graphics Driver issue Gah! It won't let me. I did manage to access it, but no option to give it more RAM.

I think the windows update just totally befuddled my lappy - the whole thing just crashed and I've had to restore.

Thanks for trying
2016/1/9 21:03:00
Intel HD Graphics Driver issue Thanks, Ziggy, I'll give this a whirl.
2016/1/9 15:06:21
Intel HD Graphics Driver issue Please help!

I have recently had a windows update and now Muvizu keeps crashing, saying that the Intel HD Graphics Driver has stopped working and recovered, but the same thing happens every time about 20 secs into using Muvizu. I have tried updating the Intel Driver and it says that my current version is up to date.

Any suggestions?


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