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2016/4/30 0:27:44
Licence question Is there any way around this?
I have a license for multiple pcs and take them to schools. but if there is no internet connection some laptops will revert to muvizu play and not the plus. asking to be upgraded again?
2016/2/28 12:47:48
Import greenscreen avi question I was thinking the same myself. just do it in editing.
Thanks for your reply.
2016/2/28 11:46:25
Import greenscreen avi question Hi,
I'm just writing a project for a P7 class of pupils.
Would like the class to create a movie with themselves as time travellers.
Was thinking of using footage of the kids green-screened and output as .avi (transparency) to be able to incorporate them into a 3D scene.
Would like them to turn into 3D characters. (Would do this part in editing)

I know that iCLone has the Pop video, where you can place yourself in the 3D scene. But is it possible in Muvizu?

Many thanks
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