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2016/2/15 14:11:36
Can't find a watch as an object drewi wrote:
there are watch attachments accessed via arm but only for the left hand.
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Many thanks... Video updated !
2016/2/15 13:41:57
Muvizu not working after latest Windows 10 update? Yes I've noticed that after the latest windows 10 update Muvizu keeps crashing every now and then, so I just make sure to save projects after each and every change. A bit annoying, I know
2016/2/15 13:24:30
Can't find a watch as an object Hi everyone, am new here but learned a lot from reading on this forum...Thanks for all the input

I've just managed to make my first video and one of the characters needs to check the time but I couldn't find a watch as a prop !

As you can see from the video the alternative doesn't work great.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

P.S. Video made without any added eye or head movements.

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edited by amal-kearns on 15/02/2016
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