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2013/4/24 13:08:42
muvizu and linux the official requirements seem the same for Muvizu:Play but in reality do you need more memory/better graphics card?
2012/2/28 13:14:04
question about muvizu spec thanks!

Was concerned as I dont want to spend more than $100 (I have to buy 10) and want to make sure it'l work on this version and any future ones in the short term
2012/2/28 0:17:18
question about muvizu spec pardon the slightly off-topic question but will an ATI Radeon HD6670 run Muvizu adequately with the newer version?
2011/10/13 17:05:08
Video Card recommendations Luscan wrote:
ccliffy - a 5450 should work but it may start to struggle when you begin throwing around lots of lights or effects. The equivalent Nvidia card is the 8800 gt. Best of luck.

dumb question but is the Radeon 5000 series better than the 6000 series?
2011/10/13 13:35:07
Video Card recommendations I am hoping to get a card for under $65 - as I have to buy 10 of them
I use Muvizu in a class setting
2011/10/12 17:23:01
Video Card recommendations would a ATI Radeon HD 5450 work? or 6570?
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2011/10/12 16:12:46
Video Card recommendations Hi

The stated minimum requirements are a Nvidia 7800 GTX or ATI 1300 graphics card. Trouble is those are old model cards. I think the NVidi 7800 is from 2005, so I am having a problem figuring out what current model of card to get

I tried Muvizu with my secondary PC with integrated video and Muvizu runs slow as expected so I'd like to get an inexpensive card that will do the job, preferably one that comes in a slimline model

Can anyone suggest some?
2011/5/25 18:59:36
The newest Muvizu release... does new version have same hardware requirements?
2010/9/20 20:43:02
PC requirements how usable would a system with onboard Intel GMA X4500graphics be?

Works fine on my PC but am curious whether it would work for a system at work
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