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2017/3/19 16:11:19
dr. jekyll and mr. hyde project I m making a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. hyde muvizu edition movie but I need someone to point to some resources I can use like pictures of what the characters might look like, the sets used as refernce so I can create it back in muvizu.
This is based on script by my school back in 2008.
2017/1/14 19:07:03
Anyone recommend good editing software? I use cyberlink powerdirector (my version is 13) and I really like it simple to use yet very powerful check out.
2017/1/9 0:29:56
TMU promo I did try adding a card into youtube for it but it would not expect the site for whatever reason here a link if you need one http://forum.tmunderground.com/index.php?/index
2017/1/8 21:12:52
TMU promo I did a little promo using the muvizu software so check the link here
2016/11/30 23:26:11
sound effects issue I just happens with one sound effect , and it only in the preview window, when I recored and made the clip it sound normal.
2016/11/30 1:07:40
sound effects issue I have been having trouble with the sound effects within muvizu cause every time watch a preview of my movie it has bizz sound to it and I not sure how to fix it right now. I m tying the sound effect to the foot steps using concrete.
2016/11/24 20:11:40
adding voices Thanks a bunch I added some the dialogue I need into my first project, I have the lines split into
(movie name) Line 1
(movie name) Line 2

This makes it easier to have them bite size pieces.
2016/11/24 16:29:40
adding voices I want to know how to add voices to muvizu like importing them from audacity, right now I have them saved in Wav format and I can convert them in another formart with any audio converter if need be.

2016/9/11 16:07:14
Thinking of getting this software I have this software now but right now I m trying to get use to the movement by practicing walking, head movement, and eye move movement first before I start building sets.

If I get use to that first I think it will help down the road later.
2016/6/7 20:02:39
Thinking of getting this software I have making movies with The Movies game and was looking for something similar to The Movies games (with stunts and effects) that had a little more features yet was simple to use. I came across your site by one the TMU community recommendations for alternative software.
I have tried trials of both iclone and Moviestorm but found them to be too complex for a new user. Then I downloaded a trial version of this site and found it very similar to what I m used to, and simple enough to use yet a lot can be done with it.

The only question I have is what are the pros and cons to the software.
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