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2014/3/30 10:34:45
The Copyright people are out of control! Do Muvizu Put Videos on Vimeo on the Gallery page ? I thought it was Youtube only.
2014/3/28 17:23:50
The Copyright people are out of control! Just Had another look at my Raspberry King Muvizu. They HAVE removed their claim!
So it shows that if you can speak to a human being then it can be sorted out!
2014/3/28 17:16:15
The Copyright people are out of control! Years Ago, I put up a Video of Tiny Tim Singing "Great Balls Of Fire"
They actually removed it!
I own the copyright to that video! I filmed it, I got permission From Tiny Tim himself who was actually performing it for ME at MY REQUEST!
I wrote to the people claiming Copyright belongs to me. They did not reply.
There seems to be no way anybody can contact a human being at Youtube. It all goes through mindless robots. THAT is the Youtube system, and it is WRONG.
The only thing they have in their favour is money and lawyers.
Every day people put things on Youtube, that they have no rights to, and have had no input on. They have merely downloaded it From Youtube and put it back there under their own name.
Even if you acknowledge their claim, it can still not go on Muvizu.
I Have read and reread all about it on Youtube. I am almost an expert. But the fact remains that all they have to do is ignor every claim, and nobody can contact them to dispute it because they don't bother to read the claims. If anybody here has had a reply from Youtube, I apologise.
2014/3/28 16:48:35
The Copyright people are out of control! Hi
I have just phoned the Company who put in the claim. They said it was the Bonzo Dog Band, it is not, nor did they write it. The Lady I spoke to is listening to it as I write!
Paul (chuckles)
2014/3/28 12:38:40
The Copyright people are out of control! I just Posted This -

The Idiot Copyright people say they own it because it is by the Bonzo Dog Band!
It is NOT by the Bonzo Dog Band! It is The ORIGINAL 1933 recording (Out of copyright) By Jack Hodges!
2014/3/26 12:12:42
Asset Creation Some of you talk about "Community". This died When Muvizu started Putting their own Animations up on the Gallery, and they ignored any suggestions in how to improve it, such as going back to double the number of icons.
I rarely get any feedback on my uploads, which is awful for me because the feedback is the whole reason I use Muvizu.
Most of my favourite Muvizuers seem to have stopped uploading altogether. Have they all gone Commercial ? If so, good luck to them, they deserve it, but it would be nice to know.
If The Community is still breathing then please let me know. I miss it.
2014/3/20 12:43:55
New characters and animations Wow! I did not know! That makes a HUGE difference for me for SO MANY THINGS!
Was it mentioned at the time? This is the first I've heard about it.
2014/3/20 8:55:16
New characters and animations In My "Alice In Wonderland" project I NEED The Duchess Character to Hold The Baby in Both Arms.
This action could also be used for carrying large objects, Lifting a Bride over the threshold, Carrying a Carpet, or Disposing of a Corpse !
Also I'm still waiting for the ability to Direct Characters to Appear / Disappear. (Cheshire Cat!)
2014/3/20 0:52:08
Education And Literature My Muvizu Animation

Is A Chapter from "Alice In Wonderland" written in 1865 by Lewis Carroll.
As far as I know, and I have Googled extensively, NOBODY has ever done a complete version of the book with all the original dialogue.
My Chapter is this. I have added nothing, such as a stupid song written by somebody else, nor subtracted anything. All the dialogue, spoken by the four Characters is there as in the original.
I HOPE to eventually animate the whole book.
Yes, I AM a fanatic! I have read and re-read the book about twenty times, since the age of three, when I was taught to read.
I am hoping that this becomes the main resource of the book on the Internet!
I am 70, and hope to finish it.
2014/3/14 15:57:59
Ying Tong Song There seems to be no set rules towhich music they will allow to go onto Muvizu. Some are OK, some are not. Although there are countless postings on Youtube, mine was ALLOWED, but does not appear on Muvizu -
2014/2/14 6:21:55
"Unable to load Muvizu.dll (Exception 0x8007007E) Sorry about that, my new laptop has the hiccups!
P.S. It didn't work
Any other ideas ?
2014/2/13 17:03:13
"Unable to load Muvizu.dll (Exception 0x8007007E) Yes I did, but it didn't work.
2014/2/13 17:02:37
"Unable to load Muvizu.dll (Exception 0x8007007E) Yes I did, but it didn't work.
2014/2/13 17:02:27
"Unable to load Muvizu.dll (Exception 0x8007007E) Yes I did, but it didn't work.
2014/2/13 17:02:26
"Unable to load Muvizu.dll (Exception 0x8007007E) Yes I did, but it didn't work.
2014/2/13 16:09:14
"Unable to load Muvizu.dll (Exception 0x8007007E) Sadly I tried what you said, but it made no difference. If I "Restore Down" the main window, drag the hidden box to the left then restore the main window, everything looks fine, but I can't get the pop up window to do it automatically.
2014/2/13 13:35:34
"Unable to load Muvizu.dll (Exception 0x8007007E) I have Muvizu working again, it was a case of removing and then downloading directx sdk and installing again.
I have discovered that the properties window DOES pop up, but not on the Muvizu screen! It was underneath it ! My new laptop is very high res (1920*1080), I tried making it lower, but the problem was still there. Any fix for this ?
2014/2/13 10:00:12
"Unable to load Muvizu.dll (Exception 0x8007007E) An engineer from the company I bought the laptop from helped me to get muvizu working. I tried to install directx sdk, but it did not completely install. Now in Muvizu no properties window pops up on any objects or attachments ! Any ideas, please ?
2014/2/12 15:16:52
"Unable to load Muvizu.dll (Exception 0x8007007E) I have just bought a brand new laptop, the specifications have been recommended. I too can not install Muvizu with this error message! Windows 7 64 bit etc etc. Still not installing, and this was the reason I bought the Computer!
2014/2/10 10:28:09
What uses Memory most? Hi
Sadly, I'm USING 64 bit! But I'll look at the huge amount of imported objects in my current Muvizu, and see what I can reduce.
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