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2016/6/16 11:02:22
Any software can make an avatar doing fb live? I've created a fictional character & want to make it (instead of me) doing facebook or youtube live. I searched the web & can't find any software doing this. Anybody know whether this kind of software really exist?
2016/6/6 5:16:47
WHY can't remove eyebrows of character Mandy? I found a "none" button on "create Character" setup and click it, but no effect? Anyway to allow user to completely remove her eyebrow?

Also I would like to know whether it's possible to import top dress for character "stick man"?
2016/6/4 10:41:45
How to create character's eyes, nose, ear? Just bought a play plus version & testing it out ... I found that many characters allow user to import their own design eye, ear, nose (in .fbx or ace format). However, importing eyes ...etc is different from importing objects or accessories, that they need to "blink" according to the face emotion. How to do that? Also I want to know what size is appropriate?

Any document on your website are discussing about this?
2016/6/2 9:42:02
How to modify character? Thank so much, your reply is very helpful.

However, I still want to know specifically could I change the body shape of an existing character (not importing new object to the scene) ? If yes, which files should I modified? I can't find commands like "custom character's body" or "import new character" in your software, so should I create some new .fbx or .ace files (what & where exactly are these files) & replace the existing one?
2016/6/2 2:57:33
NOT allow me to BUY the paid version !!!!! I'm from Hong Kong / Macao... Yesterday I want to buy the paid version of this software to make a serious trial. I click the "BUY" button on your site, a message immediately appeared saying "Sorry, we cannot process your order, please contact www.digimania.cn "

First, why you would direct customers from HK to your sales team in China? I'm looking for a English (non simplified Chinese) version.

Second, have you been to website ~> "digimania.cn", there're no any section about "Muvizu", NO any buy button. WHAT you mean by "contact"? Should I find a person to spend several days to discuss a "business deal" ....

It's ridiculous & my conclusion is I'd better try another software.
2016/6/1 9:10:35
How to modify character? Anyone can tell me could I modify the character in Muvizu (for example, I want to change the head shape of character "stickman" from circle to more like "grey man", remove its nose & eye brows, make its lips shorter ....)? Or I could only do that using another software?

If so, please tell me which software should I use? Could I input "crazy talk" 's character head to Muvizu?
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