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2010/11/17 20:49:17
The Latest Muvizu i found the download for the Updated one..... thanks for the help!!!!
2010/11/17 7:44:32
The Latest Muvizu What do you mean the Mirror Clients because there is only one download button on that download page and its in the middle of the web page and its the August update.......... thanks for the help but all i see is one version of the update and its the only one i see on that Page.
2010/11/16 18:11:43
The Latest Muvizu Hi i am new here and i am probably asking a Nooby question but how do i get the lastest Muvizu because i just got it yesterday and then today i sore the video for the new things on Muvizu with the instruments and effects. Long Story Short, How do i get it because if there is a Update Feature on Muvizu its not working for me....
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