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2010/11/24 14:41:52
Switch to a different game engine Neil wrote:

Thanks for the feedback. Please don't feel like I'm arguing with you or anything, I just find this sort of discussion quite interesting.

Thanks for letting me become aware of the very important opinion of one of the developers, as well as reading my opinion for what it is.
2010/11/24 13:41:16
Switch to a different game engine Neil wrote:

Speaking without my Muvizu hat on for a moment, I'd be interested to hear what you think the benefits of making Muvizu open source would be.

First of all let me say that I am not a proposer of Open Source at all costs.

To me, though, Muvizu seems like one of those projects that might actually benefit a lot from an extended pool of developers and artists.

There are two fundamental reasons for my statement... more people means that:

- features would be implemented faster and, at the same time, the original developers could still retain a tight control on code quality/task priority

- the available props library would rapidly grow as well

And I believe that is exactly what everybody, me included, would like to see!

Anyway, as I already said, my question was purely out of curiosity. Muvizu is already a very nice product as it is.
2010/11/24 11:25:43
Switch to a different game engine Thanks for the kind replies,
while it is true that Ogre is mainly focused at rendering, from what I remember (but I maybe wrong) it also has quite extensive features for scene management, has plugins for UI and physics and other bells and whistles. I understand that switch would probably mean a lot of work, but mine was just a mere suggestion, given also the fact that you never know what might happen with the future management at Epic (somebody might decide to cut all the licenses and they would have all the rights to do that).

I had spent about 10 minutes writing a long reply about importing, then the servers were down for migration. In the meantime I kept on trying the import process and now it works. And I fail to see what I did differently in the process... oh well, I guess that's one less problem to take care of!

By the way, out of pure curiosity, is the fact that you are keeping Muvizu closed source a team choice or is it because of licensing issues? Did you actually ever think of going open source at all?
2010/11/24 4:49:46
Switch to a different game engine Hello everyone,
I hope I do not sound too bold, this being my first post, but I was wondering if there is a special reason that lead to the choice of the UT3 engine to realize Muvizu.

As much as I like it, I find that the UT3 engine is limiting Muvizu in way too many aspects, two of the most prominent being that:

- it does not run on Linux (and I know there are a lot of Linux users who would love it)

- the asset import procedure is a pain in the buttocks.

While I understand the team already has way too much work, I believe a switch to an engine like Ogre3d (which I mention because of its completeness, feature wise) would be highly beneficial to artists as well, given that export plugins are available for the majority of the widespread modeling packages.

Please take this as the humble opinion of a pretty new user who loves Muvizu but would like it to become even better, I do not wish to start a flame war...

Keep up the good work!
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