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2010/12/9 15:04:34
Will Not Run Jim,
I actually tried that also.
I sent my screenshots to the bugs address.
I installed on my work computer just to make sure it wasn't me,
and it worked fine.
2010/12/9 12:58:07
Will Not Run Me Again,
Tried again last night with no luck.
How do I attach screen shots so you can see the error i'm getting.

2010/12/8 16:41:37
Will Not Run Jim,
Thanks for the quick reply.
I have downloaded directx 9.0c to try when I get home.
But I believe I have tried this and get an error while installing.
would I need to remove dx10 first?
Will try it one way or the other.
Thanks again

2010/12/8 16:25:11
Will Not Run Jim,
I checked my dx dialog in windows system and it says I have 10
with no problems showing.

2010/12/8 12:48:09
Will Not Run Howdy,
Can't wait to use this program.
Have installed a 2nd time to the C root.
Still will not run.
My video card is an 8600 gts
Vista home basic
4 gig ram
2.13 Core 2 Duo
But I do not have internet at home.
I notice it tries to update on startup but then closes.
I should have the latest version- downloaded on 12 7 10.
also have dx 10
and latest video driver.

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