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2012/10/16 18:21:03
Need a model or set made? So the next question (not necessarily for you Dylly) is can we add an adjust opacity control?
I don need one for the jam jar but I'm think that it would be good for glass stuff generally.
Maybe we could flag the alpha channel as adjustable or something?
2012/10/16 18:11:03
Smaller set of abstract shapes Yes but that means scaling everything up just to fit the abstract shape. OK on a sparse set but not practical on a decorated set.
2012/10/16 16:42:57
Call me Walter "what a big ship I've got" Raleigh Ahh, I can see a whole set of nautical assets coming our way.

Sounds fab, especially the Rioja - my favourite tipple (and I'm off to Andalucia in a couple of weeks - woo hoo! - with my Dad whose just had a heart attack and a couple of TIAs).

Hope it goes well.

2012/10/16 16:36:58
Smaller set of abstract shapes Sometimes I need a prop that's hand-sized and whilst I can, say, add a cigarette texture to a cylinder etc, getting it the right scale for my character is not always possible.

So could we have some abstract shapes that start a bit smaller? I can't keep asking Dylly!!!Whaaaaa?
2012/10/15 21:28:51
Need a model or set made? Works a treat, many thanks.
2012/10/15 14:03:32
Crash OK. I'll upload tonight.
What's the benefit of WAV over MP3? (if Audacity can do it then I'll look at that in future).
2012/10/15 14:00:48
Need a model or set made? Looks fabulous - can't wait to try it!!! rock on
2012/10/14 14:58:23
Crash Another crash importing am mp3 file. This had loaded previously.
2012/10/12 23:12:28
Need a model or set made? Anyway I'll add my own request now.

I'd like a jar, scalable so I can fit a character in it, made of translucent glass. Like an old fashioned jam jar with a lid. No collision.

I did find one in Sketchup but cannot seem to get the textures to come through , not sure about getting opacity/tranparency right or collisions either, despite Jamie's great tutorial.

2012/10/12 23:03:05
Need a model or set made? EEFilmz wrote:
Yes, it's a tall order, adn since I have virtually almost zero modeling experience, I have to ask if it's out there or if you can make it:

I'd like to have an entire int/ext complete a Draculas type castle w/moat or something or a Medieval one...just thinking of several ideas here for a creepy cool castle I cannot build LOL.

There are bits of a medieval castle done by superfly1976 which you could make into a whole castle
2012/10/7 20:59:49
Scottish Kilt Although it would be nice to have this option for the men too. I'm experimenting with a long coat texture combining the UV map and skirt but would want this for a man not a boy.
2012/10/7 20:53:23
Character object So one of the difficulties we have is that the characters when sitting or standing on an object don't move with that object (except up and down).

One thing I'd like to do us swivel a chair whilst my character is sitting in it. Of course all that happens at the moment is the chair swivels and the character sits still.

I wonder if it's feasible to add an option to move my character like an object. Now as an object I can now swivel him at the same rate as the chair and hey presto it works. This may work with car/bike/horse riding too? There are also occasions when he's better rotated at an angle to match the thing he's lying on or lean against a wall.
2012/10/6 17:06:31

Latest full install v0.22b on Windows 7 Home premium 64bit.
System information:

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Service Pack 1 (7601.win7sp1_gdr.120503-2030)
DirectX: v10.0

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920 @ 2.67GHz

Physical memory: 11.9913 GB (1.0211 GB used)
Virtual memory: 29.9770 GB (1.5083 GB used)
Largest free block: 8181.4668 GB
Page file: 23.9809 GB
Display device #1: \\.\DISPLAY1
Description: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295
Manufacturer: NVIDIA
Chip: NVxx
Memory: 4069 MB
Mode: 1920 x 1080 (32 bit) (60Hz)
Driver: 8.17.0012.9573

Drive #1: C:
Capacity: 80024170496
Free: 4022738944

Drive #2: J:
Model: Hitachi HDT721010SLA360 ATA Device
Capacity: 1000198893568
Free: 557904089088

Drive #3: L:

Drive #4: D:
Model: HL-DT-ST BD-RE BH08LS20 ATA Device

Using DirectX 9 renderer
Version: MZASS-v0.22b - build: 2012.09.11.01R (64-bit) DX9

No. objects: 0
No. lights: 0
No. cameras: 1
No. effects: 0
No. characters: 0
Undo: 0 undo, 0 redo

Object resources: 78255 objects
Textures: 14.3097 MB
Animation: 378.1172 KB
Other: 20.4085 MB
Total: 35.0867 MB

Running for: 1 minute, 35 seconds
(This info is after a restart)
2012/9/26 16:05:19
Rebirth So anyone like Dr Who as a woman? Is it worth another episode?
2012/9/24 11:51:22
Upload problem Thanks Jamie, it loaded directly on YouTube so was probably a temporary thing. My limit there is >15 mins and this was 12 mins.
2012/9/24 8:51:57
Upload problem I attempted to upload 'Rebirth' via the usual Muvizu method but got an error message 'unable to upload'. Perhaps there's a limit (it's 30Gb)? Anyway I uploaded via YouTube. Is there a way we can add to the Gallery by referencing the YouTube site? I realise there's this syndication process to go through - just thought there may be a way in place?
2012/9/23 19:14:02
Rebirth New Dr Who video : Rebirth.

Hope you like it.

There's some confusion in my mind as to who did the TARDIS set and as it doesn't appear to be in the Gallery any more. You'll see I've attributed it to MrDrWho13 but it could have been dannynw23 (or someone else). I wonder if we could 'sign' sets somehow (or have them autosigned as they upload) so we can keep track?
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edited by simonheffer on 23/09/2012
2012/9/16 23:11:43
Rotate backdrop Yes tried it on another copy and it worked fine. But the first one still acts strange. Ho hum.
2012/9/16 11:32:47
Rotate backdrop I'm using the square backdrop to simulate a door with my own image.
Trouble is, despite moving the rotation point it still rotates around the midpoint.

Bug or feature?Whaaaaa?
2012/9/14 8:54:52
Ride a motobike ziggy72 wrote:

3. Character sitting without floating.
All objects, like chairs, can be set to interact with characters, or not to interact. Right click on the chair, uncheck 'can be stood on', and your character will sit on/through the chair.

If the chair is now the wrong height for the character you'd need to use a floating+invisible ground plane to lift the character up. You may need that for the bike too, I guess.

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