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2012/6/26 14:23:48
Death to the blobs!! Great, thanks guys I'll take a look.
2012/6/18 21:25:48
Audacity dialogue exports Now we have the option of multiple audio tracks, its easier to direct dialogue in Muvizu.

Take a track with your dialogue into Audacity and using Split New, Split Cut + Paste you can move each voice into its own track keeping the timing as you recorded it. Export as MP3 and import into Muvizu and you're almost there.

Inevitably when you do this only one voice will have sound at the start of the track. The others will be silent until they have their go. If you export the track as an MP3, Audacity trims the silence off the front of the track. This is quite annoying as you then have to fiddle in Muvizu to get the timing right again.

So the question is how do I persuade Audacity to keep that initial silence?

2012/6/15 12:39:48
see through winodws It would be nice to have some see-through windows where we can adjust the opacity.

Now I may have suggested this before - is it possible to share a list of suggestions you have noted and some indication of if/when you may do it? The forum search is fine but sometimes you just get too many hits to wade through.

2012/6/15 12:35:30
Redirect Jamie wrote:
There isn't a check box to do this automatically but you can click the trash can icon next to the track to clear it before going back to direct.

It'd probably make more sense if the check box was called "Overwrite" and just allow the application to wipe the track from the point the play / record head is at onwards. Unchecking it would then return to the normal behaviour where it only over writes a block if you've start another block within or ending within the existing one.

I've made a note of this feature request as well

Thanks, Jamie. This sort of crosses over with other suggestions as the Direct timeline doesn't have any objects tracks on it so you have to keep swapping between views to delete and try again.
2012/6/15 8:28:04
Redirect Until we get slomo diection perhaps we could have the option to direct some properties and have the old direction be deleted first.

I'm thinking a re-direction check-box?

2012/6/15 8:25:22
Slow-mo recording Yes I'll add my vote, esp for the slomo direction.
Isn't there a sticky on this already?
2012/6/13 23:26:27
Flying skylike wrote:

You can always pay for the license.. epsecially if its only one song, costs virtually nothing..

I did look at the PRS and PPL(?) sites but it wasn't clear to me which license was appropriate - and how do I tell YouTube I have a license?
2012/6/13 7:53:48
Movies not showing. So I just updated to Flash 11.3. Browser=firefox 14.
Playing videos in the Muvizu gallery the movie screen just has a white square.
If I change to IE (using the IE tab plug-in) it's fine.
You Tube version seems fine in either rendering engine.
2012/6/12 16:27:47
Random requests! Ah, Cameras. Many's the time I've re-jigged by scene only to find that my first shot is actually for camera 2. No matter how quick I am I cannot cut from 1 - 2 quick enough to miss 1 out entirely.
Can we reassign a camera to no 1 please? (A '1' button next to Dreeko's '+' button would be fine).

2012/6/11 14:52:27
Auto login This may be a browser problem but if I click on a link in a "Thread updated" email (hotmail or Outlook), althouth I go to the right page and appear to be logged in, the forum actions are not there. If I select the previous page of that topic and back again the actions appear.

I'm using Firefox.

2012/6/11 12:16:05
New scene button freakmoomin wrote:

For something that is going to be re-used again and again does it not just make sense to save out a version like what you have said above and keep it in a "On the News" master folder or whatever?

This is fine for when you have many movies with a similar starting point but what we're talking about here is where we having ongoing action which we cannot continue because, in this example, we've run out of cameras. We need the new scene then we can save the set at the new starting point.
2012/6/10 16:16:45
Random requests! Right click on any object. Perhaps a Edit Properties item and Prepare and Direct menu items with cascading menu appropriate for the object.
2012/6/10 1:39:34
Flying Well I don't own the rights to Tomahawk Kid either and that's still there. And there are other songs on other Muvizu videos. Just unlucky I guess.
2012/6/9 9:53:42
Keep current object on timeline during direction When doing camera movement (and other tricky manoevours) I have to retry once or twice (3,4,5...) and Muvizu will sometimes keep my previous attampts and the all get mixed together. This means going back to the timeline view and deleting the previous movement and then switch back to direction view (and try and click the same view again!).

It would be good if the direction time-line had the current object and its direct-able properties visible to save all these switcheroos.
2012/6/9 9:30:25
Flying A bit of debris flying pass helps. Try a toned down dust cloud/pyro/sparks.
See Moon Trip

It seems to having gone missing from Muvizu - what's happened chaps? rant
2012/6/9 9:13:14
Add watched topics to profile page Sometimes I'd like to go back over some threads I was interested in - e.g. how-tos or requests for help.
It would be nice o have these favourites on my profile page to save me having to search for them esp if I cannot remember the right keywords etc.

The option to switch off notifications but still have the link would be good too.

2012/6/9 8:56:23
Random requests! I'll add my vote for a right-click context menu (configurable of course).
2012/6/7 21:53:23
New scene button Thanks Jamie.
Yes that had occurred to me but it only really works if the timing is right and there's a easy path to the next cut. That's why I suggested a teleport.

2012/6/6 12:30:39
New scene button Not entirely sure where I'm going with this but...

Occasionally I'll have a scene that needs > 4 cameras. So I'll shoot it up to the point where camera 5 is needed and then save the set as pt2. I then move the start point to the end point and move the end point out and I can then reposition the cameras and carry on.

Unfortunately all the previous event blocks are still there, presumably taking up memory (if not processing too). I cannot delete them all because, for instance, my characters will all go back to their starting points and I need them where the finished in order to carry on.

So it may be nice to have a new scene button which puts the start point to the end point,leaves everything in its current position/state, removes relevant event blocks and offers to save the set as a new scene.

I guess you could get around this by having more cameras or a camera teleport event but this may also be useful to cut down on resources generally.

2012/6/6 10:53:15
Death to the blobs!! We have a creation action - can we have a death pose?
The lying down sleeping poses are not available, so can we have an equivalent for the blobs.
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