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2012/6/6 10:50:26
Random requests! While we're on the timeline, the option to have other characters' lines shown would help with co-ordinating event blocks.
e.g. Have a selected section which works as now but also have sticky sections which are for characters you want to keep an eye on.

Cue points help but sometimes you cannot remember what that partioular cue was for (can we name them? have the name come up in the tooltip?)
2012/6/5 19:31:26
Crash loading audio. Hi Marco,
It was a clean load from an Audacity export.

I've had another crash from an Audacity export. Is that a pattern?

How's that auto-save feature coming along?
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2012/6/3 23:36:18
Crash loading audio. Had the following crash adding dialog from an mp3:

Restarted muvizu and it loaded fine.
Build: MZASS-v0.20b 2012.05.04.01R (64bit) DX9
2012/6/2 22:13:09
Spotlight image not working Answered my own question (of course).
Don't use transparent png for the spotlight image.
2012/6/2 16:11:10
Moving limbs Head/eyes following an object , like a person walking by.
Head/eyes turning/moving to look at an object.

These feel move like direction than fiddling about dragging the spot around.
2012/6/1 18:53:38
Spotlight image not working I have a spotlight displaying on a wall but if I add an image (e.g. camera overlay) nothing gets displayed from the light.
Something obvious I'm missing?

Having seen a similar thread I tried re-loading and now the brightness and image controls are greyed out!

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2012/4/28 15:06:35
Backdrop animation The ability to change the speed , plus maybe a stop button.
2012/4/28 15:05:03
More musical instruments? harmonica/mouth organ with a few different actions
2012/4/26 15:17:27
Voice actors? We need em. Likewise you can check my various voices in my videos. Happy to help if you send a script.

2012/2/9 16:06:21
Random requests! Gordon wrote:

Yes, that's pretty much how it works. So you would be using the 'pose' animations, or any animation that doesn't return to the idle position at the end.

It might be nice to have animations flagged that return to idle after they're done. (or don't if that's a smaller set )
2012/1/9 16:45:03
Website feedback I've updated from 8->10 and the preview button <press> works. Hmm maybe it worked before and my window's too small.

Ah, well all happy now. (see?)

PS The email link (using lastpage= instead of p=) seemed to hide the reply/edit options,even though I was logged in.
2012/1/9 15:35:44
Website feedback On the whole, I agree with the website comments.

Of course, I have a caveat (it's like a small leopard).
I'm finding the fonts for the Forum titles a bit tricky to read but I think its a Firefox thing as it looks OK in IE - are you using an IE font or summat?

And CTRl-F5 fixes I'll have to sell the caveat, any takers?

Roll-on the update!

Well done chaps,
P.S. the preview button didn't work (even after Ctrl F5)
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2011/12/15 9:52:03
New character? A baby character - with crawling,crying,thumb sucking etc animations.
I know some people (like ukberty) have come up with some pretty good attempts but they still remind me of a school play I was in when our chemistry teachers dressed up as babies (very disturbing).
2011/11/23 9:07:10
About the Resources section I'm pretty certain he means this is where to post about resources - The 3rd post for example has one list in it. You can add your own post with suggested links if you find one you think would be helpful.
I think the problem is that a lot of the posts are about issues with the suggested software so finding posts with just links is a little trickier.
2011/11/16 12:40:12
Comment info looks wrong All the Gallery comments indicate 'Over a year ago'. Not sure if this is your problem or mine.
2011/10/31 15:36:33
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) 1) eyes e.g. I notice that sometimes I get repeated bits of dialog in movies where the timeline is longer than the dialog (in the rendered movie, that is).
4) Agree with that point although I would worry about losing track of an object if I let go of it whilst it's inside another one (as you can do now with effects).
5) Yes definitely agree.
Sort of similar to 6) is that not all hats are available to both man and fatman. Or skirts (but I think that was already mentioned in another thread)
2011/10/29 11:26:04
Muvizu TV Sounds like a great idea.
I'd add Movie Moments for videos that create/parody scenes from great movies.

Now - where's this party?
2011/10/21 15:21:01
Nudge camera ? Hi Tim,

I have the same problem without having had a stroke so I sympathise.

The only thing I can suggest is that in the Scene window there is a Move To button. I think you can select the object you need to shoot, press the Move To button (yes with the mouse) and then create a camera when you arrive.

Hmm, not sure whether that helps.

2011/10/21 12:33:08
need help making a music video Welcome Andrew,

Hope you have fun with Muvizu!

My one tip would be to separate the voice and instrument tracks. Usually in Muvizu we have one music track we load in to the dialog and its a bit of trial and error to get the singers lips NOT to sync with the instruments.
As it's your music you may have the option to load the voice track into dialog and the instruments (just a guitar?) into the background music track and that should make it easier.

If there's anything in particular you'd like help with, just holla, lots of people here happy to help.

Good luck,
2011/10/7 12:36:49
Switch Layers for textures? So this would an extension of the animate facility whereby some object properties can be changed in the fly.
You can animate light textures for instance.
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