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2011/9/10 9:31:36
sketchup models/colour Well I'm sure there are lots of techy reasons for it - I had expected these models to have the same characteristics and therefore react the same way. They had the same colour in sketchup. The annoying thing is that I cannot get rid of the colour cast that one has so that even white looks grey(as per the screen-shot). Maybe AO - which sounds like a default 'in-shadow' effect. Can we turn it off in the ASE file?

I realise the Unreal engine will give some limitations as to what's possible. Colour seems to be a particular issue ( I mentioned in another thread that the top and skirt of a character don't match when they have the RGB values, also getting some doors and walls to match) - it's just frustrating.
2011/9/9 20:52:53
sketchup models/colour So I've imported some arctic terrain from sketch-up, from a set by Nick Morgan #5 , #18.
I've tried to match colours but one looks greyer than the other.

See here:

Any thoughts?
2011/9/9 11:48:42
Bond is back! This would, of course, benefit from the follow-cam suggestion
2011/9/9 11:32:48
Bond is back! Looks like a challenge!
2011/9/9 11:16:53
How to change body type?? Yes indeed - looks fab, well done Barry.
2011/9/9 10:43:57
How to change body type?? barrys wrote:

Custom skin painting is probably not a beginner's thing. However, if you've a fair degree of computer-painting experience then you should have a look at this:

Good luck


Have we added labels to the templates yet? - one the frustrating things is working out what goes where. The robot for Where's wally was quite tricky.
2011/9/9 10:40:52
Bond is back! Well, given the number of cars he rights off he's probably got a few points on his license. Maybe it's one of those driver awareness courses?

2011/9/9 7:45:07
Bond is back! and he's got a new car.

James tries out a new car on his latest mission. Thanks to.. Mansion set = Kimberley Farm Set = Emily City St set = Ziggy sound FX = Plot = The Late Great Dave Allen (and may your god go wid you)

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2011/9/8 16:30:51
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) What's that young man?
2011/9/8 11:34:32
Camera movement not deleting Hi Dave,
Well, all I did was load Emily's farm set and hit the little bin next to the camera movement track on the timeline. But when I played the scene via the timeline the camera was still moving. 64bit Muviizu.
I'll try it again tonight and see if I can reproduce it.

2011/9/8 10:32:39
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Some irritations...
New colour copying. Seems OK in principle but a lot of the time the colours don't seem to match. This may be because the colour is applied in a different way on different things but it is irritating. A use case would be getting a top and skirt to much (always a problem eh girls?). I finally entered the same RGB values but the skirt always had a different colour (it didn't even look the same as the swatch on the property page). Had a similar problem getting a door to match the panelled walls.

Windows - some have a property for see-throughness, some don't.

Cannot direct a group's movement.

The 'stop directing' button - difficult to get focus so have to click several times. ( I presume there's a short-cut but ESC would be nice when directing movement using WASD using the mouse to stop directing is a pain especially with the focus issue).

Walls with door frames are nice but would be good to have the same walls without the doorframe - I don't need a door in every wall.
2011/9/7 19:48:13
Camera movement not deleting I used Emily's farm set for one scene and although I hit the delete button on the timeline for camera movement, camera 1, at least, was still moving. Had to recreate the cameras to fix it.
2011/9/7 12:36:55
Arms not swinging Lost the set!! So rebuilt it and re-did the character and got the same issue. But if I delete the action track - hey presto, swinging arms.
2011/9/7 11:34:34
Arms not swinging So he's standing then walking. Then I added the actions to him whilst standing.
Can I send the set - would that help?
2011/9/6 22:22:44
Arms not swinging Subtle one this but having put in some actions for a character when he later walks his arms no longer swing! Looks weird. I tried an idle event but that didn't help.
2011/9/6 22:20:08
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) ukBerty wrote:
Ooh - that's annoying......

The link button on the scale sliders of an object defaults to off. It's different, but fair enough.

Worse though, tick it on and close the properties box, then go back into it and the link button is unticked again.


In fact I'd like a check box for each slider so that I can link any 2 from three as some objects like a wall I want to make taller and wider but not thicker.
2011/9/5 18:34:58
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Looks to me that the object properties location sliders are incorrectly labelled.
The top one, back/forth, causes left/right.
Second one, left/right, goes back/forth.

The bottom two rotation sliders don't seem right either.

I've tried on old and newly created characters.
64bit Muvizu.
2011/9/5 14:22:21
Better by Christmas? So recent results have dealt a blow to the Super-Symmetry theory but they still reckon they they'll find the Higgs boson by Xmas (or prove it doesn't exist). Are things really getting better at the Large Hadron Collider?

2011/9/5 14:19:59
Upload not showing I guess I could also moan about inconsistency as 'White Rabbit' by BayTheMoon got through and that was nothing but the song.
2011/9/5 12:40:06
Upload not showing OK thanks for that.
That raises a couple of questions.
Is there a way to get this syndication info automatically? A question for YouTube I guess.
I wonder what the process would be if I had thought I'd better get the copyright owner's permission before I use that song? Who to ask(PRS?)? What's the cost? If I get it, how do I tell YouTube I have permission? (Is it worth the hassle?)

I suppose I should plan better - not that any other music would have suited as it was sort of based around that song and Brian Cox's involvement.

I guess as it is actually there, I could put a link in the Your Videos forum?
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