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2010/12/16 13:21:52
Greyed out actions Thanks Dreeko that was it my character was sitting all though I could swear I thought of that and changed him to standing at the start and they where still greyed out, maybe something had not reset as i can't reproduce the effect now. And I am running under windows xp just now. It's a pity that it lets you do it in preview but not in direction, maybe they could look into a way that if the character is in the wrong position for the action he puts himself into the right one to carry it out but no biggie once you know you just have to put that action in first yourself.

Also Thanks for you interest Jim.
2010/12/15 22:30:43
Greyed out actions New here and trying my first directions, when I select character direction in prepare they are Ok but when I move to direction the angry actions are greyed out and I can't use them can someone help me out . cheers.
2010/12/15 22:04:42
Muvizu Install Hi All, Just installed this and getting prepared to put all the things i should be doing on hold, (cheers Dreeko)anyway you may know about this but could not find it mentioned. I installed the program on win xp as limited account user using "Run As" doing it this way left no desktop short cut icons or list in program lists in the limited account although all was well in the admin account. No biggie as i just went to the install folder to make my own shortcuts but thought i would let you know.

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