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2011/1/20 8:22:28
Creating a story for new animated series... Thank you all for your advises. They are really helpful.

That is true, that creating the idea and story is rather difficult, that animate it...

I`ve got few ideas for upcoming cartoon series. I`m just afraid that no one would think they are funny and stuff. And I still can`t name my characters and the series as well.
@mysto Your "Late to work" is really funny indeed =)
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2011/1/18 21:31:45
Creating a story for new animated series... I have a problem... I found out, how to use Muvizu, but... I just can`t get an idea what should I do with the powers I`ve got...
Any Ideas? Maybe some tricks in story creation, or maybe some community? Really need some help in this...
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