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2017/2/18 20:38:13
Creating and Timing Characters Reactions ziggy72 wrote:
The 'idle' state of the character also sets their initial emotion (sad, angry, etc). You can animate those idle states the same way you do for actions. However, the amount of emotion depends on where you have the Expressive slider in the characters Edit properties. You can't animate the amount, only the type of emotion. You could edit together scenes with the Expressive slider set to different levels to make it look like the character is smiling on demand, but it's tricky to match up (especially since 'Don't Breathe' doesn't work at the moment). Also, every time you create a character, their facial expression will be slightly different anyway, so I usually just keep copying and pasting the character until they have the appropriate expression on their mugs, then 'swap in' the correct expression while editing. Hope that is of some help

Would you please help me understand "then 'swap in' the correct expression while editing. "?
2017/2/18 17:28:06
moviesets.org access Saving the world one link at a time.
2017/2/18 17:27:28
Save imported attached object Good idea.
2017/2/18 16:57:01
Save imported attached object Hello,

The Muvizu community never stops astounding me in how much stuff there is that kind people share.

I went looking for a hammer and found a great set of workmen, one of which had a hammer in his hand.

I opened the set and spent some time trying to figure out if I could save the hammer so that a different character could also use it.

Is this possible?
2017/2/18 16:46:48
moviesets.org access Interesting that this link is provided here in a Muvizu forum.

One wonders how one could warn everyone of this issue.
2017/2/18 16:41:58
moviesets.org access I found the reference in a closed Muvizu forum ...

2017/2/18 14:59:03
moviesets.org access Hello,

Am I missing something? I would like to access moviesets.org but get a survey and then I must choose an offer and the I get a warning from Google that the offer page is mal.

How can I actually enter moviesets.org, please?
2017/1/5 20:32:20
AVI import cropped and doubled Thanks but no, the avi is only about 4Mb.

I suppose I was hoping that there was something obvious that I might have missed. Some tiling button or something.

At this point, I am looking at post-processing to accomplish what I am after. It is rather time-consuming but so is messing around with Muvizu for hours on end.
2017/1/5 19:57:02
AVI import cropped and doubled Hello,

Very interesting, this Muvizu. But I must say that patience, fortitude and determination are key.

Having read sufficient posts to understand the method to prepare an AVI for import, success was achieved.

Now the big challenge is that the imported AVI is cut off in the horizontal center and the cut off video appears twice - side by side. The video is also very small, even though produced at a large size.

Any help would be most appreciated.
2016/12/6 11:19:58
Problem with lip synch and audio recording Lip synch is definitely a challenge. It does not seem to work as per the instructions but it will work. One thing I found is that it is often necessary to go into the timeline and slide the prepared audio to the place on the timeline where you want the lip synch to happen and then direct the lip synch. So far, this has worked for me for single audio files. Still a challenge with multiple audio files as one lip synch disappears when another audio file is loaded and synched. Ended up making multiple movies and then a video program for splicing. Had to split the audio and video in the video editing software and import the audio separately as the audio was garbled in the video editing software.

I have a sense that if one hangs in long enough that Muvizu will improve, at least that is my hope, because it has huge potential.

My big challenge now is figuring out importing video so that it actually works.
2016/10/28 15:50:23
Problem with lip synch and audio recording Thanks for that.

Like an over-excited child with a super new exciting toy that wouldn't work right.

By the way, where do I put the batteries?
2016/10/28 15:39:21
Problem with lip synch and audio recording Beg Pardon,

A moment of frustration.

Please excuse my outburst.
2016/10/27 20:37:42
Problem with lip synch and audio recording WTF
I feel as though I have been ripped-off by Muvizu.
I bought the product not realizing it was a bad beta version.
Endless trouble with the dialogue and I am on the verge of abandoning this software altogether.
Too bad because when it works, it is not bad.
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