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2017/5/18 13:00:39
Muvizu 360 webseries! I'd like to welcome the Muvizu community to follow along the production trail of Samuel Ectolini's Spiritworld!

The role of Muvizu was originally that of previsualization as my filmmaking partner and I explore the world of 360 storytelling but, we've decided to animate it instead.

We've got the pilot episode, The Tale of Dear Maxi, written, cast, and voice recorded. The goal is to have it completed within a month's time.
2017/1/4 18:35:12
My 1st 360 video fman00 wrote:
Loved it. Nice idea for the video and the video looked lovely and crisp when viewed through VR. Looking forward to some more in the future.

I did a couple of 360 demos but they are in 1080p and the videos really have to be 4k for VR.

You're absolutely right fman00, 4k is definitely the way to go. It'll require a powerful system desktop system to do so effectively. I just invested in an ASUS gaming laptop and I can only render out 50 frame segments which I then assemble and edit in Premiere Pro 2016 which support 360 video editing. I use uncompressed AVIs which render out more quickly than MP4s but require more storage space.

It's also very important to ensure that your camera is level with the horizon.
2017/1/4 18:28:53
My 1st 360 video PatMarrNC wrote:
that was a pretty cool application for the 360 degree rotation feature... turning it into a discovery puzzle. I think it's better suited to games than video. For video I want to control the camera view in order to frame my scenes. The whole idea of turning that control over to the viewer makes no sense to me.

It's not for everyone Pat, especially if you're just getting into filmmaking. I've been producing my own films for over 30 years and ready for a new challenge. I honestly believe that VR is a new medium comparable to film, television, and radio. If you want to see how stories can be told, you should check out Google Spotlight Stories. The app is available on Android and iOS devices.
2017/1/3 12:44:55
My 1st 360 video I'm glad you had fun with my video Rocque. Here's the official checklist in case you want to spot them all:

You can purchase Google Cardboard viewers on Amazon. Version 2.0 is a bit more expensive but requires less assembly.
2017/1/2 8:52:11
My 1st 360 video

One of the more exciting expansion packs available for Muvizu is the ability to render 360 movies. VR is an exciting new medium that offers a truly unique experience and Muvizu allows me to be a part of it.

I also plan use Muvizu to pre-visualize and test a live action series that I'm working one with a local producer/director.

For those of you who are new to 360 videos, here are some viewing options:

2016/12/25 6:49:31
TUTORIAL SERIES: SILO to MUVIZU Very cool Pat and something I've been looking for in terms of building character assets.

Could you please re-post the default character meshes? The original link no longer works

The Hero Versions came through just fine however.
2016/12/25 6:27:19
Annual Christmas Greeting Thanks Pat! I'm really digging Muvizu and it's unique puppeteering approach to animation.
2016/12/24 17:02:00
Annual Christmas Greeting For that past 17 years I've been creating animated Christmas greetings to share with my family and friends.

Here's the first to be created in Muvizu.

Season Greetings to all!

2016/12/18 4:08:37
Cinematics Students Final Movie Projects You're absolutely right Pat; film is a visual language that applies to all types movies and TV shows.

Here's a complete playlist of the best of my student's final projects:
2016/12/16 20:58:08
Cinematics Students Final Movie Projects Thanks Roque. My students are in their 2nd year of college.

They spent most of the course learning various filmmaking techniques and practices and applying them in solo projects.

For the past 4 years I've been using a program similar to Muvizu called Moviestorm so they're used to working with virtual characters and sets.

Digigimania was kind enough to provide us with a trail educational version of Muvizu that a number of students opted to use for their final project.

Next fall we'll be switching over to Muvizu in earnest so you can expect a whole lot more content from the Cinematics School.
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