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2012/7/24 8:55:21
Now I can legitimately be a crotchety old g... OK the final nail was driven into the coffin... received an invitation from the car dealer to take a look at the new off road SUV thingy...did I ask about the engine choice...the on-board cameras...0-60 timings? NO...I CHECKED HOW MUCH SPACE THE BOOT HAD! I'm getting old I tell you!
2012/7/23 9:57:32
Hello a short parody Okay...how did you get the insect to flap its wings? I've got to ask...impressive shot.
2012/7/21 9:41:10
Goin in for 1st ever emergency hernia surgery this EEFilmz wrote:
UPDATE: Gotta hire some pygmiess or something to clean me up....luckily I had a volunteer to help...

Dear Eef,

My mother (God rest her soul) was a very practical woman and possessor of a wicked sense of humour.

A friend of the family who was a builder made the cardinal mistake of stepping back to admire the chimney he had been pointing and fell from the scaffold. Fortunately for him a colleague (built like a brick crap house) caught him before he hit the floor. Our friend then re climbed the scaffolding and started work on the other side of the chimney, but...did exactly the same thing & stood back to admire his handy work & once again fell off, this time no one was there to catch him and he hit the floor hard breaking both arms and one leg.

Now Mum went to visit the poor bloke & his young wife on the day he was released from hospital with both arms & one leg in plaster. Slyly Mum introduced the subject of going to the loo...and then waited for the penny to drop with the blokes wife...
"I'm not doing that, he can get lost!" spluttered the wife.
"I thought as much." said Mum gleefully winking at the crestfallen builder.
"That's why I brought you this!" Mum continued, reaching into her pocket and pulling out a toffee hammer (a tiny hammer used by sweet manufacturers to break up slabs of sugar toffee). "I thought you could let him dry and knock the lumps off!"

Now Eef, I'm sure a toffee hammer would be a cheaper and more efficient method than hiring a tribe of pygmies...who get upset when you mention things like 'minimum wage'.
2012/7/18 14:23:12
Heroes and Villains animation suggestion box Loving the animations for the supers guy's but here are a few requests from moi...

I second artpens pushes and pulls...those would be really useful poses...on the pull side a backwards pull (as in a tug of war pose) and an over the shoulder pull (as in worlds strongest man pulling a truck).

I would like to add some clicking button, pulling levers, operating machinery poses for Sinister...some wobbly poses for Sinister (this guy is going to get the crap kicked out of him on a regular basis & I'd like to show the aftermath of his retribution), and a DOH! slap the head type pose for Sinister for when those evil plans come unravelled.

Now here's some tricky but useful poses...

Sinister & Gwendolin...some kidnap type poses...sinister grabs the girl...she struggles a bit like the old silent movies that involve train tracks, mild bondage & Mrs Mills on the old Joanna!
2012/7/17 14:19:46
Goin in for 1st ever emergency hernia surgery this I would like to report that upon doing anything Muvizu I have a persistent, nagging pain in the neck. Now I told the doc that my friend Eef managed to get an operation to correct it. However the doc informed me that even though the problem seemed to be a malignant boil there was nothing he could do about it, besides it was my own fault for ever asking her out to dinner!

Get well soon Eef...oh and no weight lifting after the op!

Neil wrote:
All I really remember about it is the boy in the next ward kept telling everyone he was having an operation on his tentacles. My mum said he meant something else as he didn't really have tentacles.

To this day, I think she was lying.

Who knew that boy would go on to lead a coalition government?
2012/7/14 22:08:37
Banging my head against a wall... EEFilmz wrote:
I can't believe what I pick up here and there at 3am!

This and other similar thoughts are why I stopped going to pubs!
2012/7/13 9:05:31
Need a model or set made? Right...so...a large Richard the Third, a Tory manifesto, indeed a threepenny bit...this sounds like a job for...(fanfare) my Mrs! A woman who once caused me to perform an emergency stop travelling at...well lets say 70mph...by shouting "WATCH OUT". As the car screamed to a halt and I braced for the impact of the air bags...she continued "There's a dog over there having a massive crap!" I turned my whiplash tortured neck to face my beloved and lovingly screamed "YOU MENTAL BINT"!

How soon do you need this monument to the coalition government?
2012/7/12 1:37:25
Need a model or set made? Hi colsim,

sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but I got a little sidetracked. One of the things that sidetracked me was round shapes and things like folds in cloth placed into the model. So after a couple of days fiddling with different tools etc I'm starting to pull together a set for you. The first piece is finished.

I'm quite pleased with the results especially some of the curves in the seat etc, a few minor adjustments for scale appropriate to each character will be needed upon import.
2012/7/9 10:00:11
Now I can legitimately be a crotchety old g... Thanks for everyone's support and best wishes. Gracie is home now, managed to nip to the hospital on Saturday for a little cuddle.

It was quite strange watching peoples perceptions shift a little when they realised that grumpy old men may just have been single parents too. Mind, you never stop learning...I learned to use facetube as I quickly realised it was going to be the only way, as grandparents, that we found anything out at the same time as everyone else. Note to the youngsters...phone your parents before posting on tubeface!

One of the great joys of Grand parenting is being able to give the little buggers back to the parents come nappy changing time, so it will be business as usual at Chez Dylly... well I have found two new projects...the first...

after being made to go to the gym by the GP I've found that I quite enjoy it...in fact I look forward to my daily workout, then laps of the pool followed by steam and sauna...Already lost half a stone! Trim Dylly.

Unfortunately I have the 'hairy old geezer' syndrome...and after several comments from my other half about 'old hairy blokes at the gym' I'm considering getting the back waxed at least. Hairy Dylly.

The second project is refurbishing 'Merry Legs'. Merry Legs (my favourite book as a kid) was a merry go round horse who wanted to be a real horse...and was the name I gave to my rocking horse. Now after being passed around many generations of the family merry legs is back with me and ready for a good clean up, so I'm starting to prep the plastic body work for a respray and hand painting details, rub down and respray the metal rockers, weld up and replace the stirrups, restitch the leather saddle my Dad made for him, make a new leather bridle and generally make sure everything is safe and sound for Gracie. Note to self...remove first wife's bra used for blinkers before current Mrs starts asking questions. Cross dressing Dylly Whaaaaa?
2012/7/9 9:18:27
The 12 Stages of a Breakup A Masterpiece of animation! Stunning....simply breathtaking!
2012/7/7 11:07:45
Now I can legitimately be a crotchety old g... Hurrah! Announcing the birth of my grandchild Grace 7lb 1.5oz at 1.33am this morning.
Thanks for everyone's kind wishes and regards.

Now its time for some sleep...and practise being an old git.

2012/7/4 23:49:20
The Zombifier 5000 Ray Gun A little tribute to the creators of Zombie Dog...I present the Zombifier 5000! Just uploaded to the Muvizu site and also available across at my site http://animationworkshop.co.uk/?wpsc-product=zombifier-5000

Just found a really handy gadget for displaying the models. http://skfb.ly/4j3f1c

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2012/7/4 8:23:25
Need a model or set made? Hi Colsim

No problem, I'm a little distracted at the minute (due to be a granddad tomorrow so everyone here is running around like blue ar....well I'm sure you get the picture), but if you send me some reference pictures of the type of scene you want I will have a look see. Reference images would be a good idea as the only interviews I've ever had were in various university and Brit Club bars.

Best regards
2012/6/28 18:35:36
insert video in my scene Hi Jamie,

Success! I think I've figured out what the problem is, but I'm sending you the video files anyway so you can have a double check.

I think it's something to do with HD. In our pursuit of ever higher quality I always render everything out to the highest quality I can get. In Vegas Movie Studio I was rendering out the test animation on a setting which reads HD 1080-24p YUV (Video for Windows.avi)

Even when I ran this through VirtualDub with the Xvid codec...Muvizu wasn't having any. So I had a play around with the different render settings in Vegas and rendered out on a setting which reads PAL DV widescreen (Video for Windows.avi). Muvizu will accept this without running it through VirtualDub.

This whole codec, video type, render malarkey is beyond confusing!
2012/6/28 15:18:45
insert video in my scene Okay guys I'm having some real problems importing a video onto a backdrop...multiple crashes and abject failures...followed all the tutorials...what he hell am I doing wrong?

Created a simple vid in Vegas, imported into Virtual dub, selected compression...chose XVID tried both the versions that came up...and saved as avi...nada!
2012/6/27 16:13:43
Camera movement Perhaps a job opportunity for redundant Space Shuttle pilots?
2012/6/21 11:29:37
Whoops! Just caused Muvizu to crash...my fault not the software...but why does windows think it has a cat in hell's chance of solving the problem? I'm just wondering though....what if I let it try....and what if it does solve it? Cue dramatic music!
2012/6/20 22:27:26
Sketch Up to Muvizu revisited Hi Gordon

Couple of quick tips.

SketchUp for Dummies...all of the video tutorials are available on Youtube posted by the author. They cover the same material as the chapters in the book.

You will get more help and insight into SketchUp by joining Sketchucation.com. They are a pretty helpful bunch of guys, obviously not as helpful as Muvizu peeps, still very helpful.

The wobbling and bouncing of your prop and the sinking through the floor is caused by the collision mesh. To avoid these effects there are two things you can do.

The Easy way
When you import a prop into Muvizu it will hang in the air until you click on it. Right click on it first before it drops to the floor. When the properties box opens check the floats in the air box and un-check the keep upright box. The prop will now be a little more controllable.

The Best Way
Use Ziggy's Matchbox collision mesh, you can download this in the 3d objects section of the gallery at Muvizu. Ziggy's mesh is one of THE most useful 'utilities' for making props for use in Muvizu.

The Hard Way
Start again with a new collision mesh. Now of course you had to choose a complicated to prop to start with...perhaps the triangle, maybe the tea chest bass would have been a better choice for a first collision mesh attempt. To stop the wobbling give the collision mesh a base so the prop will sit still on the floor. Remember to divide your shapes into three and four sided shapes (so no circles) with a small gap between them. Don't make things complicated and invest in headache tablets...I always get a headache with collision meshes.

Top Tip for collision: when you add collision to an ase file make sure you have a copy of both the collision mesh .ase and the original model .ase saved somewhere, so you can go back to them if need be.

A final point on moving objects to origin. Which method you use depends upon the object and where you want the pivot placing. For most objects and props I centre them on the origin, however doors are moved to the origin so they pivot along one edge when animated to open or close.
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2012/6/20 8:06:34
Sketch Up to Muvizu revisited Hi Gordon

It's early...just woke up and not got my glasses on yet...however...I think you have a file naming problem with your jpeg...

You say you've named your jpeg file as "wood_board_cork" yet the error message is looking for a file called "wood_board_OSB.jpg"

Rename the jpg adding the OSB part and see what happens?

errata: Hang on...glasses on...you are missing two bit map files...The model has another couple of textures added to it. You should have three textures in your UT3 folder named


The Error message is referring to the second texture in the list.

Take a look at the texture exporter I posted here http://www.muvizu.com/forum/topic1904-sketchup-texture-exporter-free-plugin.aspx?p=f#post10774 it will take all of the textures in your model and export them from SketchUp to the file you designate.
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2012/6/19 23:38:49
SketchUp Texture Exporter Free Plugin Just found a couple of new plugins for SketchUp that may interest folks. Both from the same source. The first is a texture exporter. Download, install. Open SketchUp select your model then go to tools open up RayElectron export textures choose the type of image you wish to export from bitmap,jpeg,png, select where you want to save the files and then click save.

There is also a terrain generator, however this evolves equations. Now I have difficulties with numbers, start trying to add letters into math... well... that's just plain perverted that is.

Anyway the texture exporter works really well...here's the link http://raylectron.com/ under free plugins.
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