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2012/5/28 11:39:12
Import Options If I could have one wish
What would it be?
The ability to import things into Muvizu
With parts you can and can't see.

Now I don't mean to moan
And I don't mean to whine
But to map alpha to emissive...
And have bits of models that shine.

If someone could fix this
The part of Muvizu that is broke
I think Barry S said he knew how
I've heard he's a handy bloke.

I don't care about other model formats
Or any of that crap
But would be delighted
If you could include the odd normal map.

Now this is my wish,
This is my plea
I would be so very grateful
If you could fix this for me!
2012/5/27 17:31:50
Need a model or set made? Hi EEF,

Enjoyed the clip! I agree with the guys though the font needs pumping up a bit. Now on the 3D front, I don’t think there is such a thing as a ‘legitimate’ 3d model when it comes to props in Muvizu. I liked the great use you made of the Muvizu basic objects, and to me that is 3D modelling. I don’t know if everyone will agree with me but I think ‘whatever you can knock together to make the scene’ is part of the enjoyable ethos behind Muvizu. I’m thinking of making a few tutorials on modelling basics that should get you going with knocking up your own props etc with SketchUp in no time.

When it comes to character texturing I’m a bit of a duffer with the Muvizu characters, nowhere near the high standard of Chuckles, Ziggy and Hugmyster, especially in the area of suits I use Ziggy and Huggy’s textures.
2012/5/25 0:21:08
Need a model or set made? There's a transparent version available to download now, the instructions are above the link to the download on my web page.

2012/5/24 23:44:04
Need a model or set made? At the minute Muvizu does not allow you to import a single model with transparencies. But there is a way around this. What I will have to do is make you another model without glass. Import this model into Muvizu. Then import a second model I will include in the zip file, this will be the glass. This will have different import settings. Use these settings for the glass...

Give me a couple of minutes to sort it out.
2012/5/24 23:31:44
Need a model or set made? http://animationworkshop.co.uk/?p=83 Sorry! Try this link I'm still getting used to the new website
2012/5/24 23:16:21
Need a model or set made? Here you go, just a very quick model, but is this what you are looking for? If not then post a picture so I can get it to look more like the window you need. Anyone wanting a copy here's a link to download it.


There's no ao map but there are two different id maps, one textured and one in plain colours.
2012/5/24 20:23:32
Windows, doors and objects http://www.muvizu.com/Gallery/#&&m=3D Here is a place on the forums here with some already prepared props.
2012/5/24 20:09:44
Windows, doors and objects Hi there,

New props etc can be downloaded from Google SketchUp. There are literally millions of models available, you need to convert the model to .ase file to import into Muvizu. You can find a tutorial here http://www.muvizu.com/Video/12611/Importing-from-Sketchup-Part-1 You will find other tips and information in this forum http://www.muvizu.com/Forum/forum1486-importing-3d-assets.aspx You can use SketchUp to make the props that you require.

If you need a particular prop made for a scene you can always pop a request in here http://www.muvizu.com/Forum/topic1700-need-a-model-or-set-made.aspx

Hope this helps.
2012/5/22 23:42:02
Deconstructing The High Bridge Just a quick note to say I've uploaded the first part of a walk through on how I prepare models for Muvizu and some advice on marriage to my website http://www.animationworkshop.co.uk/hbc.html . Its quite a complex model so I will be going through UVW unwrapping, collision meshes and texturing.

This is not however a tutorial, or meant as one...just a diary on my progress with the model, but it may be of help...if nothing else it will demonstrate how thick I am on occasion!

Oh and before I forget WARNING: may contain the occasion eff and blind...there was something else...oh yeah

2012/5/22 16:38:22
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) ukBerty wrote:
My guy was on a ground plane (chasing a goat - don't ask).

Chasing a goat is all above board and legal, it's when you start acting the goat that you have to start filling in legal aid forms and avoiding questions from the local press!Whaaaaa?
2012/5/20 20:44:41
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) Danimal wrote:
Any chance of maybe putting a bit of attention to fixing the bug where characters randomly disappear? I think having a hero pack won't mean too much if they keep vanishing.

You mean you've got an advance version featuring the invisible man character?
2012/5/19 2:39:52
The Beautiful Game....Spot Dylly! Every year, since before Christ, the people from my village in Lincolnshire have played the 'game' on the 6th of January, New years Day by the old calender. One of the forerunners to football...the story goes...

Lady deMobray was riding over the hill when her hood fell off. The peasants (men of the bog((we are so far below sea level here that on certain roads you are excused wearing a seat belt in a car in case you drop into a dyke and drown)) or Boggins) fought to get the right to give the hood back, the man who won the hood was too shy to give the hood back to the lady and another man took it away from him. The lady told the man who won the hood he was the fool, the man who gave the hood back was to be the Lord of the Hood. Every 6th of January we 'play the game'. The rules are simple...

Its man against man,
House against house,(pubs and villages)
If a man meets a man...
Knock him down
But don't ot (hurt) him.

you cannot run with the hood just push (in a big rugby scrum). The winning team is the one that oushes the hood to the pub and the landlord receives the hood without leaving his premises. The prize? Free Beer all round!

Now spot me in the video!

2012/5/18 15:01:59
Just ask Alan Alan, Alan, speak to me...before you go...If I can't take my GTN spray on board a plane how the hell are the Olympic Committee gonna get a fire on an Easyjet?
2012/5/18 14:18:55
Just ask Alan No! It cannot be! I just had 1000 Just ask Alan! T-shirts printed! Bring back Alan! Just because Greece wanted him to advise on whether to stay in the Euro...I recon Angela Merkel had him offed...wait a minute....it worked before......

Changed my T-shirt order to Who shot Alan?
2012/5/17 9:00:30
Need a model or set made? Finally got a new model finished...it's just awaiting moderation

I started with this model as I thought it was going to be the easiest....wrong! You can follow along with how I made it on my new blog http://www.animationworkshop.co.uk/blog.html
2012/5/16 14:12:23
Just ask Alan Alan...a thinking man's man...now I wonder if Theresa May saw this before making her appearance in Liverpool at the Policeman's ball? Great stuff!
2012/5/16 9:43:59
Just ask Alan Dear Alan,

With the current debate around the lack of female film directors honored at the Cannes Film festival, "A woman's place is in the home." Is this true?

Yours sincerely
2012/5/13 22:12:58
sketchup materials on models The toto.bmp file is a base map used in conjunction with a sketchup .ase exporter. More information can be found in this tutorial here. http://www.muvizu.com/Video/12611/Importing-from-Sketchup-Part-1
2012/5/13 22:11:44
You think you've got problems? Thanks Mysto! I think I need to relax and Muvizu!
2012/5/13 20:22:33
You think you've got problems? Just a quick note to ask folks to please bear with me, I've got some major problems with my father...Oh to cut a long story short the silly sod's barking at the television. Having just organised carers to get him up and dressed in a morning, argued with district nurses to do their jobs and give him his insulin morning and evening, organised respite care, sorted out the mental health liaison team, briefed his GP, got all of the agencies to finally work together...Dad got pneumonia and after less than a week back in his own home, is now back in hospital, so I have to start all over again getting everybody working from the same hymn sheet... again... once Dad is home... again.

Now I'm coping fine...had an emergency dental appointment...lost a tooth down to grinding teeth in my sleep...developed an infection which has now spread to my chest...no I'm coping well what's that?

Oh yes, in the midst of this my sixteen year old daughter chose to inform me her new boyfriend was twenty-two...

What? Oh yes barking at the TV...yes he was, and baa-ing...

Now bearing in mind my Mum died of stroke at 52, Dad has one lung, is diabetic and insulin dependent and now has dementia I was pinning my hopes on my Mum having played around a bit when Dad was in the Navy. No such luck...just been informed I'm the spitting image of the old...so and so...

Oh daughter informs me its an EX boyfriend, so I can put the baseball bat...oh to hell with it...if you can't beat 'em...

Woof! Baaa! Woof!
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