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2012/1/30 12:00:34
transparent video I can't find the thread which gave the alteration that had to be made to Muvizu to allow transparent video...or do I still need to make that alteration in the new incarnation?
2012/1/30 10:18:19
Some more free stuff Backgrounds etc this week http://www.animated.moonfruit.com/#/blog/4559524311 just click on the images to get a full size image...

...and here is a link to some of the models I've made but not quite good enough, in my opinion, to be uploaded to the Muvizu site but still useful. http://www.animated.moonfruit.com/#/free-models/4559561965

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2012/1/29 21:28:40
Avid are a pain in the arris! Thanks for the kind offer Berty, but I've managed to sort it out. Regenerate keys and mess about in general for a weekend! I think I may just start trialing some different bits of kit out...find one I like!
2012/1/29 17:39:32
TALES FROM ZOMBIETOWN - Season 1 Very well done, the only thing...I mean it's just a niggly thing, I mean it's more personal preference, but I would have shot it in a wider screen format...but very well made, great direction!
2012/1/28 0:33:29
Avid are a pain in the arris! I've given up on them Mysto! Can't get to download the software I've bought...got all the keys and serial numbers now...just no means of downloading the thing...or for that matter contacting them....looks like I'm back to using windows Movie Maker!
2012/1/28 0:24:38
Make people ride in a car!? wizplace wrote:
Hopefully this action will be in the next update (and more boats.) Can you dumb it down for me?

What sort of boat?
2012/1/27 22:55:05
Avid are a pain in the arris! Pinacle Studio 15...works for me...but then trying to get software you've already purchased re installed...arrgh! Whats with all the damned activation keys for each individual bit of the software...its a plot I tell you!
2012/1/27 22:48:44
Directing movement is really hard Character movement is one of the hardest bits of Muvizu to master, but you can double click on a position and the character will walk there and stop. Thats one of the improvements in the release before last that had me jumping around, and not my character for once
2012/1/23 15:05:14
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). 65Radius wrote:

That works a treat! Thanks for that quick response!

Liberally apply mustard and he goes like the clappers don't he!
2012/1/21 6:52:49
Codecs again I don't know what I did...but the quality came back....I randomly pressed buttons in the Xvid set up...and Xvid became better... I decided to do the same thing with ffdshow but made a Muvi first so I would have a reference point...but...it was back to normal....hell of a difference between the two codecs...ffdshow is much much clearer with more detail.

Thanks for the help tripfreak!
2012/1/20 11:31:27
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). Hi Dreeko,

It was an imported prop... I'm now trying to duplicate what happened to see if it will do it again!

2012/1/20 11:29:36
Codecs again Thanks tripfreak...

That got ffdshow loaded into Muvizu....but...

the quality of render on a clip with all codecs is really bad, pixellated and grainy...I must still be doing something wrong. When I upped the quality settings on the ffdshow codec the picture was a total mess!

2012/1/20 3:55:58
Feedback Thread - v0.19b release (January 2012). Just spotted a weird happening with the 64 bit version. If I load a new prop when I have a character in the scene, upon loading the prop the character floats into the air to meet the prop on its way down. Nothing else untoward happens just that the character does a spot of levitation and gets out of position.
2012/1/20 3:52:54
Codecs again Can someone do a little walk through on how to get the ffdshow codec into the 64 bit version of Muvizu...I installed Xvid but prefer the ffdshow. I downloaded and installed the K-Lite codec pack but not of the codecs are showing up in Muvizu.

Thanks in anticipation
2012/1/18 13:35:38
Make a Glass Material in Muvizu Thanks Jamie I will give it a try and let you know...and now...still on maps ...

Still part of the same project...I've got a model that is quite complicated....now in other software Poser, Daz et al , models have one or more maps, one for face one for body, one for limbs etc. I've noticed in Muvizu that on occasion I've imported models that have had two or more 'material' slots placing materials on different sections of a model. I know that the unreal engine lets you have static meshes that have more than one map.

Now in 3ds max I've made a model that has a house section and a roof section each of which has been mapped separately, and when I export it as an .ase file the file refers to both materials, yet only one map fits correctly.

What am I doing wrong...or does'nt Muvizu support this at the minute... Or have I just lost the plot?Whaaaaa?
2012/1/18 10:35:48
Make a Glass Material in Muvizu I'm making a prop for a clip, and I need the prop to be made of glass. How do I make the material like the jars etc in the Muvizu science lab?

Is this something that is done in Muvizu or is it something I need to do in my modelling software?

2012/1/16 0:06:34
Shopping List & thanks for de-trumpeting Bit of a shopping list here

Please, pretty please...

Ability to turn collision ‘off’ on a model or swap collision model ?

Turn on Normal mapping in Muvizu...low poly count models...loading quicker...vast cities...Cecil B de Wotsis Face...remake of Anthony and Cleo...

A scale for Muvizu...Luscan said it was 1 unit to an inch but...how many real life inches to a Muvizu inch as I keep making everything too small or too large.

Any chance of a hexadecimal colour chart so colours can match up in Muvizu? Colours seem to go all sorts of weird shades on objects once imported.

And is there any way that we can use the view that I can see on the screen as a camera view? I can never get my camera view to match what I see on the screen...I know I should look through the camera when I build the scenes but I always seem to forget. It would be nice to build up the scene in the scene window and just be able to shoot what I can see.

Oh and a BIG THANK YOU for getting rid of the trumpets when Muvizu loads up!
2012/1/15 23:41:13
Make any Banana Hi Kimlong

The easist way is to import a file from Google sketchup into Muvizu you will find a tutorial in this thread http://www.muvizu.com/Forum/topic1505-google-sketch-up.aspx

Hope this helps
2012/1/15 23:38:55
How to shorten movie Hi Judith

Go to Tools/Timeline

You will see two large diamond shapes on the timeline. One is the start of the film the other is the end. Drag the end marker to where you want the film to end.

Hope this helps!
2012/1/14 19:25:36
Help exporting from Blender 2.61 Hi Chris

This is definately a case of sodomy non sapiens! I get the same error message that you did. In the end I made a quick cube in 3dsMax went through the basic steps of UVW unwrap and applying texture. I used you texture from your file source and it worked.

Other than the difference in file reference with the 3ds file referencing the location of the .png image and that your file is referencing the blend file for the scene information where as mine is blank, I can see little difference between the two files.

I've posted a copy of my 3ds .ase file so you can compare here http://www.mediafire.com/?b2avtc6i7763w8h

Perhaps ukBerty or one of the Muvizu guys can help on Monday, I think Jamie was having a look at blender at one point.
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