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2011/12/16 12:14:10
Collision Questions Cracked it! Done every collision tutorial I could find...even downloaded the UDK developers kit thing and had a play with that (although windows tells me I'm missing something essential to run it) but finally got the collision to work again. Created two models, one with full collision, and one with partial collision to stop it dropping through the floor on loading and to allow the mother in law, I mean Old Witch, I mean my character to ride on the broom stick with the aid of a transparent ground plain. Phew!
2011/12/16 1:49:40
Collision Questions I'm starting to tear out what little hair I've got left...Collided with collision again I have! I was getting on well with collision but since I've started making the smaller props for my new clip I'm starting to get an error message saying that there is no room to load a prop that I have added collision to.

Here's what I'm working on at the moment, all I've got left to do is add the collision but I'm not doing something right. So far the closest I can get is to use Ziggy's trick of making a tiny collision mesh, but then I lose the prop through the floor...No its not magic...the Mrs thinks... Any ideas what's going on?

This only seems to happen with long thin props, like broomsticks oh and drain pipes!

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2011/12/15 20:41:55
Sketchup to Muvizu I was just sending you a link to my copy but never mind.

take the code file and place it in the plugins folder in sketchup here's the file path

C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google SketchUp 8\Plugins

to access the exporter go to the plugins on the main tool bar in sketchup.

Hope it helps!
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2011/12/15 20:05:08
Bad rendering using Sketchup... I've been having the same problem and done a spot of digging on this one.

The white artefacts that you are seeing are the gaps in the vertices of models created in Sketchup. There is no sure fire way of getting rid of them but you can reduce them.

before exporting a model from sketchup

Rt Click and explode the model, make sure there are no groups or components left.

Make sure all of the faces are the right way around ie white side facing towards you both inside and outside of the model.

Paint the inside of the model as well as the outside faces in the same colour.

Now export the model.
This should cut down some of the white

In addition

if you have access to something like 3ds Max or similar import the model from sketchup
then attach all of the edges
export out as an .obj file.
reimport the model and UVW unwrap it
make a texture with plenty of padding, I usually add 20 to my maps
now export out as an .ase file

This will reduce the amount of white considerably however there will be the odd section left.

I forgot to add that on the model you are using, its very thin...to get models to work well each shape has to have a front, back and sides, the thicker the better. Single plains do not work very well if at all from sketchup to Unreal.

Hope this helps
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2011/12/14 9:44:59
Sketchup to Muvizu Thanks Mick,

I realised the problem was in the way I was texturing the models. I was making just a single map that included the id texture and ambient occlusion and then applying to the models. By making two separate maps, one id and one ao I managed to sort out some of the irregularities. I realised the remainder of the problems were with the geometry itself and had to go back to the drawing board and redesign the mesh. Once I had a good mesh and made sure I had plenty of padding on the maps things seemed to work out OK. However there is still a slight problem of different shades of colour on the separate pieces of the model, but as Ziggy says this seems to be an Unreal problem, so I'm trying to hide those shade differences by redesigning the model around them.

The only question left is that of scale. Since the update on Sketchup, the meshes seem to have altered in dimension when imported into Muvizu.

I will keep plugging away at it, as the ultimate aim is to make something of a quality to share with everyone.

2011/12/14 1:16:51
Sketchup to Muvizu Getting closer...almost got to the bottom of various tiny little calamities and back on course saving out the sections of the model. Just a little bit of clean up to do and I can start building the rest of the sets to match the story board for the next muvi.

2011/12/13 22:06:06
Scale within Muvizu Can anyone tell me the scale used within Muvizu? I just noticed that as part of the update for sketchup the scale of sketchup has altered, so the old standby of measuring against the lady (now that's not a euphemism) no longer works.
2011/12/12 7:11:57
Some Suggestions... Getting your character to float in the air...create a box object, right click on it, go to texture, select none...now the box is invisible, make sure you have 'can be stood on' selected in the box physics and your character can now stand, or sit on an invisible box.

Some of the character actions will not fully animate if you are just running through the directory to choose or sample an the animations, however once you select the animation and record it the character it all seems to work seamlessly.

Being unable to alter the animation 'end' on the time line is a pain, however as far as multiple dialogue goes check out the news page about the forthcoming update...and see what Santa's bringing!
2011/12/6 17:23:39
It maybe a bit late but maybe next year? Just a thought, would it be possible for us all to get together and do a Christmas Pantomime, a scene each and stitch the lot together?
2011/12/3 17:21:57
Sketchup to Muvizu Some Sketchup models...well they are just not Muvizu...they don't fit in with the overall feel of Muvizu, so I decided that for my next Muvi I would make all the props and then share them.

In the past when I imported models that I had made with Sketchup into Muvizu i would get all kind of problems with bits of mesh missing and distorted. I worked out that the Sketchup method of dividing mesh and redividing was the cause of the problem, so I now make sure that each component of a model is a closed model in it's own right. So far so good.

Mapping was my next big problem. Solved it! 3DS Max will import a model directly from Sketchup. If you export that model from 3DS Max as an .obj file and reimport it, then max will map the model for you. I sussed out the ambient occlusion by dropping the AO map generated by Max onto the Diffuse map generated by Max and applying that map to the model.

I then export the model from 3ds Max as an .ase file and import it into Muvizu.

I then ran into collision, which Ziggy & Marco helped with...works!

I have completed one model, and imported the next but there is another problem, here's a vid to demonstrate better...

2011/12/3 14:12:12
Cannot make video The reason it will not make a video is that there is no video to make. The length of the video is 0.00. Look on the time lime and grab the 'end' handle ( the little triangle) and drag it to the right. As you do this a purple pink line will develop on the time line. Now that you have a video (the length is more than 0) you will be able to go to make video and record the set.

Hope this helps
2011/11/30 21:05:29
Collision Questions Feel free to come for a paddle any time Ziggy! So would faking the collision allow a character to stand on the prop? What I'm trying to make is a building where the character needs to run up and down the steps. The prop is an observatory, basically a house with a tower on the roof on top of which sits a telescope and a dome that looks a bit like a dalek top. I wanted to be able to animate the telescope bit so it swivels round while the character runs into the building.
2011/11/30 16:21:22
Collision Questions Thanks Marco...You made perfect sense...a touch of recalculation on my model is needed I think. Thanks for the help!
2011/11/30 9:33:59
Collision Questions After making headway with constructing props, then texturing them, I've just collided with collision.

After following the tutorials I've managed to add collision to a couple of props I'm working on, but I think there is something I'm just not understanding.

I've managed to get a muvizu character to stand on the steps of my base model, which is rectangular...sort of. But when it comes to aligning the pieces of the model in Muvizu (like the house sections) the blocks that make up my model seems to hover a fraction above each other.

Could this be because the collision model is slightly larger than the model it is based upon? And is it the case that a collision model must be a much simplified version of the base model that fits exactly to the dimensions of the base model. If so, on a very simple model, can I just use the base model as the collision model.

I'm hoping I made sense there?
2011/11/29 14:49:09
Ambient Occlusion and UV Maps Big Fanfare & Roll of drums....I think I sussed it...I think, maybe...

Now it may be just a box to you but to me it's a little triumph!

As usual a daft question will follow ...and here it is...so to make my image map smaller err...do I just shrink it to 512x512 size in photoshop?
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2011/11/29 13:45:05
Cool Animations I enjoyed that animation Vince...the brain cells are a fizzin!
2011/11/25 9:34:26
Random requests! Anne McCaffrey has sadly passed away...the first female Sci Fi author to win a HUGO or Nebula, the first Sci Fi writer of any description to hit the top ten publishers list, now there are some books that can spin a few films...where's Dreeko's Dragon when I need him?
2011/11/23 13:14:34
Upload something different I want to be able to upload some background texture files, that are sequential, for others to use, things like small effects animations, and just plain old textures etc for objects that are not charaters what's the best way to do this?
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2011/11/22 1:02:54
Lion Witch & Wardrobe At the end of the week that Meryl Streep announces the prospect of an advertising campaign where the country will be littered with pictures of the Evil Thatch, which in will be turned into more public urinals than were created in the Victorian era, the producer of The Muvizu Monster, and Raging Bull **** brings you a fantasy, epic in its proporations, though short in its seconds.

Dylly is proud to present The Lion, The Witch & Wardrobe a film made with Muvizu, backgrounds and sets painted in Gimp & Photoshop, sound created in Audacity, effects from Freesound.org and special thanks to hugmyster for the Tuxedo texture.

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2011/11/16 1:42:42
Help-- Hi Budunha,

I'm afraid you don't remove the Muvizu logo when you export to AVI, but then it's such a cool looking logo and such a small price for such great and free software.
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