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2011/9/8 15:28:21
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Jamie wrote:
Dylly wrote:
Got a problem with the sound effects.

I'm running the 32bit version, when ever you work with the sound effects the 'in-muvizu' sound effects come out distorted. When this occurs muvizu stops working and shuts down. Also when playing back the movie either in the timeline editor or on the screen to make movie, even if the sound effects has been ok it will suddenly distort one effect and then muvizu will stop working and then shut down.

Thanks for the feedback Dylly, in the testing before release we did come across this problem but we were only able to reproduce it when a old set file was loaded and new sound effects inserted. Could you give us some details (such as the names of sound effects used, age of the set or if it was created a fresh) and / or email the set file with that this happens in? Thanks.

Just got back from a day's barbel fishing and I have to write it up, it's a hard job but someone has got to do it, I will email in the set file to pest...I mean bug control...later this evening. The set was a new build, well one that came with the new release and the effects were concrete footsteps. I know I have a full complement of cameras in the set, but then the new release seems to be a lot more stable in that way, and i did start off with a more complicated set, but once i removed the sound effects i was able to finish the project.

2011/9/7 18:35:16
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Got a problem with the sound effects.

I'm running the 32bit version, when ever you work with the sound effects the 'in-muvizu' sound effects come out distorted. When this occurs muvizu stops working and shuts down. Also when playing back the movie either in the timeline editor or on the screen to make movie, even if the sound effects has been ok it will suddenly distort one effect and then muvizu will stop working and then shut down.
2011/9/5 20:00:01
Recreate your favourite movie scene competition. What He Said Thats a good idea! Only been dabbling with Muvizu for a matter of weeks, but I can't remember when I've been so enthused about an application and its possibilities!
2011/9/5 17:32:28
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) NeilI can't say when we'll get around to doing this as frankly we've been too busy working on getting this version out of the door to discuss what's next, but rest assured that there's a lot more new stuff in store for the UI now that we've upgraded the technology behind it. [/quote wrote:

Dragons? Ooh we're getting Dragons!
This was a broadcast from the Ministry of Disinformation!
2011/9/5 16:41:18
Feedback on Muvizu - 5th September 2011 (ENG) Downloaded new version...oh am I impressed! I'm running on a small laptop here with minimal graphics card. The old version was proving difficult with regard to codecs, had to resort to DivX as Xvid would not work or results were full of impairments....but hang on a minute the new version runs like a dream, and with Xvid too!
Add to this character maps with toothypegs and you have one happy bunny here!

Ahem...but there is one, just one small niggly, naggly, teenie, tiny thing though and it is a teenie, tiny thing....but the new interface is a little small and moaning old geezers like me have had to go and find my glasses from where-ever the beagle had hidden them this time!
But so far, I'm very impressed with a job well done!
2011/8/29 17:26:15
Teeth Thanks for the prompt reply guys...I will await eagerly the update! While on the subject of bugs though, any claims for the old pig flu, sorry I mean sri, no thats my car..., pig flu will do?
2011/8/29 11:40:33
Teeth I'm experimenting making characters and I want to make a character that has a distinctive gap toothed smile. A simple black square would do. Now I'm sure I've seen some tooth maps somewhere about, but is that the right way to do it?

Hope the Muvizu Brains Trust can help!
2011/8/26 7:27:04
Paranormal inActivity my first attempt at Muvizu Finally managed to upload my first movie. I used the Muvizu uploader doofah on the site and I think it can be found here

It's a little long winded and after all the faffing around I need some tips on the quality issues, so any tips guys are very welcome. What I did learn was
Write a script
Try to follow it
On the next film be more tidy when shooting in Muvizu to cut down on editing etc.

But I really enjoyed making this, thanks Muvizu!
2011/8/23 20:58:46
Various improvments A couple of things that I could have done with working on a project today...

We've got 'wobbly' but how about 'old'? Neutral settings would be good, as well as some prprogrammed camera movement settings, fly by's, walk through's spiral etc. Simply place camera on one spot, then character on another, hit the button and the camera moves for you. Remember I'm still having trouble steering the camera
2011/8/20 9:01:52
Send tutorial requests to Muvizu HQ The previous tutorials, as mentioned by others, were superb. As for tutorials for the new release, a basic one on...'Hell there's a new release...so I have to delete the old stuff, down load the new?', something for the real noddy like moi!
Something on getting the very best facial animations...something I am really struggling with at the moment.
And perhaps a little one on things like codecs and rendering the final movie, quality tweaks etc etc
and if at all possible a quick tutorial on how to stop my Mrs spending all my 'hard earned' in what ever accent you choose!

2011/8/15 17:08:31
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? More of an inaction than action but I'd like more sleeping poses, or opposable sleep positions left or right sided.

Of course eating drinking...smoking....
and can we have a wiggle put into the ladies walk...a bit of a raised hip...as some of these girls seem to walk like a.....well they just walk.....need to wiggle! More feminine in other poses too, my other half looked at a scene i did and thought the female character moved like a docker.

What I want to know is...when did my other half meet a docker?
2011/8/13 21:47:07
Feedback from New User Thanks Berty!

Have downloaded VirtualDub and it works a treat! Talk about a learning curve today I made a microphone and have started creating my own sound effects...not stopped laughing untill I went to the cinema to see Planet of the Apes this afternoon...

Now back to my own epic...scene two with worms...I mean words!
2011/8/12 21:27:56
Feedback from New User Had another interesting afternoon adding sound effects...then I must be having codec problems as the project renders out but no sound on the finished file...will dive back in in a short while and see if I can ssort problem.

Have started making notes of anything else I run across and finally managed to make the file you asked for and I'm mailing it across shortly...but all in all I've not had this much fun since I got my first Aquarius Computer with a D&D Cartridge on the last day of term before Christmas early 80's. Can't put the software down!
2011/8/12 15:08:31
Feedback from New User I don’t know if this is useful at all, but this is the step by step diary of a new user to Muvizu, from download to first film.
Day one, bought a new machine and finally got Muvizu installed. Got a warning that the video card of my new machine won’t run Muvizu. However after an initial crash everything is working fine. For information the new machine is a laptop with 4gig of RAM and an i3 processor running windows 7.

Day One got to grips with bits of Muvizu and making ‘dancing’ animations of the father in law after his ‘cool moves’ at a wedding. Finding my way around the big white space inside Muvizu is damned awkward, cannot get the point of view to look where I want it to.
Day Two started work on a major animation motion picture event...yeah well a quick animation to get something out there.
Day Two 9.30 have spent an enjoyable day ‘filming’ all the sequences for my film. Experimented with playing with camera angles and moving the camera, special effects...just got to ‘cobble’ the lot together in Premiere Elements...will have a masterpiece this time tomorrow.
Day Three 4.30 am disaster has struck...all of the sequences are full of artefacts and not very good at all. Have spent the night reading up on codecs and have installed the latest full copy of the codecs recommended. Xvid is not very good results but have tried the ffdshow codec and hey presto things are looking smooth...I’m off to bed.
Day Three 3pm disaster... all the damned scenes I’d made will not open so I can re-render with the new codecs. One scene will open and have rerenderd and its looking good. Now playing with adding in the sound effects...this is harder than I thought...arggh why did I make characters walk...why is thing so addictive?
2011/8/11 11:07:02
Just a quick... Hello and after many many attempts I've finally got the opportunity to play with Muvizu! In the end I saved up and bought a new machine, and now I can't stop making small pointless animations of nothing in particular, keeps me occupied!

Thanks to everyone who tried to help get the old machine running, and I'm looking forward to posting my first attempt...keep getting distracted by tutorials to do even more clever stuff...ooh look you can make things run through walls...

2011/2/8 15:09:30
Problems installing... Hi Jim,
Right I found something that seems to be right....erm...this is what I installed anyway...


After installing that I reinstalled muvizu making sure everything was selected and installed. Still no joy, so now I am installing the .net although that seems to be taking a very long time indeed. I will keep at it though, failing that its a new pc as I'm determined to have a go with muvizu although my old pc is a collectors edition...it does have Babbages signature on the bottom!

I will keep you up to date with progress!
Best regards
2011/2/8 14:28:37
Problems installing... Hi Jim,
Thanks for the speed of the replY

Just downloaded and tried to install the .Net as reccomended. However that installer is now telling me I need to install the Micorsoft 32 bit imaging component. Just off to the download centre to look for it now. I will let you know what happens in a bit!
Regards Dylly
2011/2/8 13:20:45
Problems installing... I'm another one of those poor oinks with no internet connection at home so I'm having one or two problems compounded by the only net connection I have accessn to is up a flight of stairs and wheels don't get up them too well...still heres the problem and what Ive done so far...

PC old but plenty of juice, umph or elastic (I'm not very technical)
Operating system Windows XP

I've installed muvizu and when I click on the icon I get the following message

"failed to initialise (0cx0000135)"

I've followed the other threads I could find here and downloaded the DirectX updates (that need no tinternet connection) but then I had no idea where to put them...

I also tried running the install again without clicking the boxes for Direct X etc. but still get the same message.

Please help if possible as I'm eager to start twiddling!

Best regards

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