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2017/4/25 18:56:43
Digimania has gone into administration Rodrisilva wrote:
Do not talk to me about alternatives like Iclone and their artificial humanoids empty of expression and where I could not find the passion that Muvizu has in itself.
Muvizu is unique and is about to die ...

It is sad.. not only for being at the threshold of Muvizu loss but above all for losing the companions of this forum.
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Let me say first of all that I was shocked to learn about Muvizu, and that I'm sorry for the Muvizu users. Muvizu wasn't for me, but I always considered it a sympathetic product. Hopefully a buyer can be found and so that the product will continue.

So while I understand you are upset, why trash other products? iClone users like myself have feelings too. In the hands of a talented person iClone is very capable and it is continuously improving, but it's different from Muvizu, which is only a good thing. I don't believe in animation having to look a particular way. Diversity is the key.
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2009/11/25 23:23:38
New forum software please?

That might be a reason why there are so few posts...

2009/11/25 23:18:08
Rendering at higher resolutions?

I was about to submit a request like this, but the poster sums it up nicely.  I also would like to see higher resolution and antialiasing and the possibility for other framerates (living in the US, 30 fps would be nice).  I also would like to request the possibility to render as an image sequence, which would allows post processing in a graphics program.

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