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2022/6/18 4:50:10
Want 2 hire Muvizu animator Hi, I'm looking to hire a Muvizu animator to do a series of short skits to promote my products/brand. Please message me if you have interest, thanks!
2017/1/19 0:15:01
Hire a Muvizu guru? Thanks I've already gotten some replies in the form of private messages so I think I'm good to go for now. Excited about Muvizu!
2017/1/18 20:29:24
Hire a Muvizu guru? I just stumbled into Muvizu while looking for an alternative to xtranormal. Watched some of the tutorial videos and while I understand the basics and ease of use of the program, I'm wondering if any of the folks here do work for hire?

I'd like to have some videos produced to promote my brand and products and think that Muvizu would be an entertaining and captivating way to do so. Just by watching the features and some of the videos in the gallery, I've come up with all kinds of ideas.
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