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2011/4/28 12:53:42
Character fall sideways Emily wrote:
we have a new 'wobbly' mood

WOOHOO! Sounds great!
2011/4/28 12:48:51
Audio Sync Emily,

I'm using a 32 bit system. I'll give the light trick a whirl and see how it works. I had been chalking it up to the fact that the audio file I imprted was pretty large and it was bogging things down. The lights may be the culprit too. Thanks for the tip!

Let me edit this too to point out the the lag I'm talking about here is like a half a second or less so even if I don't catch it, the video doesn't suffer for it.
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2011/4/27 18:10:08
Audio Sync haarvik wrote:

I have most certainly chalked up the syncing to my system. It seems to run very slow when directing or working in the timeline. I think the video lags but does not do so when actually rendering the movie so the video seems to go just slightly before the audio. I really don't think it's a bug in the software so much as how your system uses its resources.
2011/4/27 14:52:23
Gooooooooo Pete! So thaaaaat's the trick. OK, I just tested it and if you hit the HMTL button in the posting window and paste the URL it works too since in that mode it doesn't automatically make it a link. Once again, I thank you Jamie!

Jamie wrote:
Looks great! Hope to see it made as a series!

That was the original idea, but when I saw how much much work it was in Flash I shelved it. WIth Muvizu, it took a week to make, and that includes building the sets and creating the characters. I've already written a pilot for it (3-part episode), I look forward to making it and I'm glad to hear there's interest!
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2011/4/27 14:49:30
Move Character Dreeko, I'm pretty sure you could make a tutorial on how to turn on your computer and we'd all be interested. I've used this technique before but it would still be fun to watch.
2011/4/27 0:27:15
Gooooooooo Pete! OK, I made an updated version of the last shot, complete with the technique suggested by Jamie. WAAAAY better. I also used something simliar to get the light on Bloodshot's (upper right) miner's helmet to stay in sync. Woo-hoo! Thanks!

I seem to have no luck getting the embedding to work on the videos, so there's the link.
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2011/4/27 0:24:51
New Video They keep getting better - really nice stuff!
2011/4/27 0:14:39
Locations? I'm also in the U.S. From Illinois, now living in Arkansas.
2011/4/26 16:50:26
Move Character 65Radius wrote:
I repeated your experiment, and found that additionally, if you use a backdrop "ground" with "texture=none" instead of a cube, you can have a character that appears to rise up in the air and descend with no apparent support!

I used this same technue to make characters appear to be falling down a well when in fact they were rising on an invisible platform. The angle just made it look like they were falling.

This only works on up & down movement. Lateral movements don't work the same: the object moves but the character stays put until the object is gone from under them and then they fall.
2011/4/26 15:33:05
Easter Eggs ConfusedBrick Wall
2011/4/26 15:31:51
Gooooooooo Pete! I had not thought of that, but it's an excellent idea! Thanks, I'm going to try it when I get home. Lousy work, always getting in the way...
2011/4/25 23:50:08
Easter Eggs Marco_D wrote:
I can give you a little tip.

Notice your surroundings!

Confusedbad razz
2011/4/24 18:41:17
Easter Eggs I've spent a minute or two... ummm, OK, several HOURS hunting around for them and have found nothing as well... Confused
2011/4/24 18:39:13
Borderlands Video "Take it to the next level? What like an--" BEEEP

Hilarious, thanks for posting!
2011/4/24 18:36:00
Editing Timeline There is no way to directly edit the end time, no. Word has it it'll be in one of the updates.

For now, a good workaround is to hit the action you want and then immediately hit the Idle button (or whatever the next action is). Then you can adjust the start of the Idle pose and it'll in turn adjust the end time of the previous action.
2011/4/22 16:18:22
Beat the Reaper (Firesign Theatre) Saw this earlier - really great stuff!
2011/4/22 0:03:30
The Good Guys ( Jeremy Kyle special ) Excellent from start to finish. Wonderful work!
2011/4/21 0:49:04
Life on Muvizu Loved it - very clever and the request wall was a scream. Excellent work!
2011/4/21 0:17:09
Learn from the man behind Ren and Stimpy Excellent stuff - thanks for posting! This is going to kill all kinds of time at work tomorrow!
2011/4/19 22:12:38
Uploaded sets and 3d assets ziggy72 wrote:
I couldn't get my copy of Taint to work with Michaelsoft Kista. I searched for it on Guggle but it didn't help.

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