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2015/2/19 15:39:21
... make a character glow Rather than using the green screen, and especially if there's a lot of movement in the scene, it'd be easier to make a video of the scene twice: one with and one without the character. Then use a video editor to blend the two.

Jonbez himself explains it here: http://muvizu.com/Forum/topic950-muvizu-ghoust.aspx Sounds like After Effects was used to add the glow as well.
2015/2/11 21:09:11
The Future of Muvizu revealed! PCollimonster wrote:

Ancient Spirits of Evil, transform this decayed Muvizu to Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living!
2015/2/11 12:21:11
The Future of Muvizu revealed! toonarama wrote:
(take a look at www.trailerspark.com)

I tried this and only got a "this domain for sale" message. A Google search only turned up a tour guide map salesman

Again, I know I'm the odd man out in that I want Muvizu to do nothing more than expand on what it is rather than become something it's not. Give me more stock actions, character parts, and sets/backdrops/scenery elements. If I wanted it to do what x or y software did, I'd buy x or y software. Muvizu's about making a story come to life quickly and easily (Direct don't animate, anyone?), not making the next Pixar feature.

If they did nothing more than fix the disappearing bug I'd be thrilled. If they made a camera motion system that was even just slightly less horrible I'd be over the moon.
2015/2/10 12:12:18
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Dreeko wrote:
I'd love to be excited about Muvizu again.

I'm still excited about Muvizu, especially with the more customizable cartoony characters now thanks to attachments (still couldn't care less about the Heroes & Villains). Where that excitement dwindles is in the number of bugs floating around in there now. Seems I can't work on a scene for more than about 10 minutes before a character just up and vanishes. The box is still there, the name is still there, but no character to be seen. This happened randomly before but now seems to be a regular occurance.

Also, I know I'm the odd man out here for sure, but I have zero desire to create and import my own actions. It was so much more fun to get the new updates regularly with a few dozen new actions and think of how to use them. This inspired creativity. Making your own? Well that's just work and I'm not using Muvizu because I want to work, I'm using it because it's easy and fun.

With all that said, SOMETHING would be nice to hear, wouldn't it? And not some vague "oh, you never know what's around the corner!" but "yes, there will be an update but not for several months" or "nope, not this year," something along those lines.
2015/1/14 12:07:01
Question About Beefy template fazz68 wrote:
each separate part of the new characters (beefy,heroine,sinister and rosie) has its own texture

Just to tack on to this, in addition to each different kind of character having its own texture map, they're added differently for those characters too. Rather than importing one overall character map like in the standard characters, for Beefy, et al you actually import the texture in the edit screen for that body part. So in other words, when you're editing the legs for Beefy, you'll see the usual choices for color and also there will be the option to import the custom texture there, rather than in the overall body editor, which I think only lets you import the head texture.

Hope this helps!
2015/1/12 22:19:23
Animation of Theater Curtains I believe there are already premade curtains in Muvizu, it would just be a matter of importing them and then using object movement to have them slide toward and then away from each other.
2015/1/9 12:18:50
New User Here ukBerty wrote:
We were promised "more inofrmation on a monthly basis" back in October. Since then.......


Blank stare

I suppose it's too optimistic to hope that it's just really, really secret stuff then...?
2015/1/8 22:54:20
New User Here Welcome aboard, Matt! And look at that, you managed to evoke a cryptic answer from Muvizu HQ...

Carole wrote:
As soon as we're able to share more with you we will - promise.

Secret stuff is on the horizon... Applause
2015/1/5 14:10:20
Put in an imported character? TheBankser wrote:
I noticed in the Muvizu Trailer that there's an MnM man, and you can control him! Can someone please tell me what this is? And where you can get something like this?

I wondered the very same thing when I first saw that video. There's no character import feature, so I would have to guess it was done using some kind of M&M attachment on a standard character. It seems like kind of a cheat because they're showing something as if it's included when it's not.
2014/12/24 14:15:22
Merry Christmas Have a most outstanding Christmas!
2014/12/23 11:25:10
new users puzzlement. If you bought and activated the license, characters should be able to hold items. You add the items in the character edit window. If you want to have the character hold the gun in his right hand, for instance, you'd edit "Right Hand" and pick the second option (the first is "none"). That will allow you to import an attachment.
2014/12/16 11:40:27
Music video for an american artist Oh my gosh, what a perfectly horrible song!

But when not listening to that assault on my ears, the animation was good. In the shot of the guy, you have the background characters move every so often. In the shot of the woman, that bartender just stands there staring into eternity the whole time. If there's one thing I would change, it would be to have her move. Otherwise this was really well done!
2014/12/11 11:27:23
Walking Newbie54 wrote:
If Muvizu ever fixes the movement bug then making character walk will be a breeze.

Oh? Have you found a bug? This is the first I've heard of it... Violin
2014/12/8 13:27:25
Character Movement Newbie54 wrote:
Character movement Bug has to be fixed before I buy it and not by pushing f12

Hmm, I'll have to go back and see where I said that F12 would fix character movement. Still reading... still reading... still reading...

Well, I'll let you know when I find it.
2014/12/4 13:43:44
New Star Trek video... This is a thing of beauty. Exceptionally well done!

The Trek dork in me would be remiss to point out though, that Uhura never called the captain "Jim." That's part of the song of course, you can't help that.
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2014/12/3 15:52:04
Tilt character? In the character actions there are several options for having a character lay down. They're under the "Pose" category if memory serves.
2014/12/1 12:00:47
A new Geriatric Boy Band auditions for glory Funny premise and well executed. Once the gratuitous cursing started, I started skipping ahead. Could've been great from start to finish otherwise.
2014/12/1 11:56:35
Trouble as Patenkin Tower meets Top Gun! Yeah, this second one makes more sense with the title. I like the background a lot, but it didn't move! Several cuts of the camera around the character, that background just stays put. Still, it looks good!
2014/12/1 11:53:58
How do I put my animation on Muvizu? You need YouTube for that. You'd link that account with your account here then upload through Muvizu. The video will appear in both places.
2014/11/28 13:34:57
Black Friday Well there goes the wind right out of my sails...
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