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2011/5/30 12:13:09
Hi all, perspective query Thanks for the tips Jamie, I'll try some of your suggestions.

Another question ....

To create a large room, you need to put muliple backdrops together (or maybe its better to just stretch a single backdrop?), is there an easy way to align backdrops?

On that topic, from a new users vantage point, it would be helpful to have a "snap/align together" option, failing that even a "look from directly above" button would be useful.

Thanks again for your help, off to play again Big Grin

2011/5/30 6:03:46
Hi all, perspective query Hi, I'm new here (been lurking in forum for a while), what an amazing peice of software Muvizu is!!! Brilliant! Congrats to all.

I want to build an 'art gallery' set, but i'm having trouble placing a picture frame on the wall and making it look right (perspective-wise). Any tips on how to do this?

Part of my issue is just getting used to the movement controls, and I think that's probably made harder because I am using a mousepad .. any tips on using Muzivu with a mousepad would be helpful too

I've watched all the tutorials and will keep playing, but if anyone can offer a suggestion that'd be great.


ps. great forum too
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