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2017/1/18 1:51:51
My Latest Muvizu Video (and My second) The Life and Art of Alessandro Gray, Part 2 - This is a work of fiction and a 3D animated video presentation. In the episode, we discover more of Sandro’s art as Renee discusses portions of his personal history that may have influenced his art.

YouTube description aside, this is my second effort to improve my video animation skills through Muvizu
2017/1/15 20:49:15
Two Problems maybe to do with resolution ? bigwally wrote:
chuckles wrote:
Yes! I decreased the screen size, and clicked the pin icon and it worked! I now have both Versions of Muvizu on the Laptop, and both are working, BUT, the imported AVI files still not filling the backdrop screen, on either version! So One solved (Thank you) and one to go!

RE: I use a program called Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate to solve my .avi problems.

It works as stated - thanks much!!!
2017/1/14 0:54:49
Japanese song Unfinished project from last year. Speedking5 wrote:
I might try to finish it up If I can fix some things and figure out where I want to go with it.

Thanks so much for your creativity and attention to detail.
2017/1/13 21:40:26
My First 3D Video PurpleDrazi wrote:
An interesting way to try things out and create your first Muvizu video

Something you could try for later parts is to have cuts to audience reaction - nodding or talking to the person next to them about a particular point raised in the presentation.

The camera to screen idea is something I wanted to try because the avi on a backdrop didn't work very well.

For sure I intended a larger role for the audience but as more elements were added my machine slowed down and I had to focus on priorities to get it done.

I'm beginning to believe that making small / short scenes and then combining them in a video editing program may be my best choice for the future. Right now I'm on my laptop becasue my desktop is taking hours to render a video experiment with Muvizu
2017/1/13 17:53:29
Another first-timer - Music vid at "Sleazy's" Great work! I like the musical animations and Muvizu lends itself well to such presentations
2017/1/12 0:55:35
My First 3D Video PatMarrNC wrote:
Interesting concept to make it like a TED talk... but I have to wonder if another approach (like the content shown on the screens) might have made it less like a history class and more like a movie. (I guess some people like history classes, but I prefer movies)

I see that this is just part one and there's more to come! I look forward to seeing the rest of the story! Nice job so far!

Thanks so much for the welcome and the valuable input. You are a mind reader as I had to decide between dramactic presentation (that would be great) and the easier pseudo lecture format. At this point I just wanted to go through the whole process and see where I need to learn the most.

My ultimate goal is to animate one of my novels. That will be done dramactic style for sure and I'm already working on scripts and camera cuts for that.

I have one of two more installments of Alessandro to complete that story and then on to the novel.
2017/1/11 14:25:26
My First 3D Video My First 3D Video thanks to information and examples from all from this forum. In particular, thanks for News studio by Dannynw23 and Jeremy Kyle Set by jonbez. The Life and Art of Alessandro Gray, Part One
2017/1/7 1:38:41
WHERE ARE YOU? Nice Topic!

I'm from northern New Jersey about 15 miles from NYC.

I'm considering making my novel into a video instead of the old self-publising route. (Maybe that's what they call a novel idea? !!)

DAZ and Poser are great tools but they take way to long and demand more resources than I can gather.

I enjoy many hobbies and some even dovetail with Muvizu - such as music, photography and videography.
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