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2012/1/5 14:26:55
Muvizu won't start Well, that seemed to fix it. not sure what went wrong with the update, but all seems ok now. Thanks!
2012/1/5 14:24:11
Muvizu won't start I have an Nvidia 9500M GS. I uninstalled, and am in the process of a fresh install. I'll post the results.
2012/1/5 13:02:25
Muvizu won't start So when I went to load Muvizu this morning, it prompted me for an update, which I did. Now it won't start. All I get is a dialog window stating Muvizu has stopped working. Windows is checking for a solution to the problem.

What gives? No errors in event viewer so I have no idea what to look for. My DirectX is current.
2011/5/25 13:38:05
Industrial-scale collaboration You could do a spoof of The Fast and The Furious and call it The Gassed and The Curious Guess what that one would be about!
2011/5/25 12:48:11
Muvizu movie Vote I think comedy/spoof is the best fit for Muvizu. I can help where ever needed. I have been sitting back waiting for the new release, and it is finally here! With youtube and Facebook getting a following for something like this should be fairly easy.
2011/4/27 17:12:44
Audio Sync I wonder if this has anything to do with my system since it is a 64bit. I'm wondering if during directing, I get things synced because of the software speed, but during the trans-coding my system ramps up and overruns the software. Possible?
2011/4/27 16:44:18
Audio Sync I have a .set file, but it's at home. I'll send it later tonight so you can see what it's doing, hopefully.
2011/4/27 16:26:54
New Video I get my music from http://incompetech.com/m/c/royalty-free/index.html It's royalty free as long as you give him credit.
2011/4/27 14:11:53
Move Character Yes it would! I must be missing something because I can't get it to do it.
2011/4/26 21:03:20
New Video Another prank video.

2011/4/26 17:26:32
Locations? I saw that...got the airport pretty good. My mother is originally from Christman, which is close to Paris.
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2011/4/26 17:05:08
Locations? Where is everyone located? I get the impression that most users are in Europe. I am located in the states, specifically Pennsylvania. Just curious where the user base hails from.
2011/4/26 15:58:01
Move Character You are correct, except when you go to direct the movement, the object moves and the character stays.
2011/4/25 18:13:41
Move Character Is there a way to put a character on an object, and have the character move with the object? In other words, if i create, say an elevator, and want to have the character go up when the elevator does, how would I do that?
2011/4/25 16:13:07
The Switch I decided to try and play with video transitions and credits.

2011/4/24 14:05:46
Editing Timeline I have noticed that when I try to edit an action in the timeline, I can only change the event start time, not the end time. Is there something I need to do to be able to edit this? It makes syncing dialog very difficult.

2011/4/21 20:24:04
The City Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. I grew up watching Chuck Jones and Bob Clampett. I like the style and have been playing with ways to reproduce some of their pranks with Muvizu.
2011/4/21 19:10:56
The City A short showing hidden character animation.

2011/4/21 17:42:09
Commercial Productions I agree with you, I was simply stating that more of the features would further enhance productions. In response to your (hint hint), if anyone wants to collaborate, I would welcome the opportunity.
2011/4/21 15:51:27
Commercial Productions I'm looking forward to it! I'll keep plugging along and learning more about using Muvizu as I go.
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