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2011/4/25 1:58:10
mp3's won't import I edited them in audacity and it helped fix the problem, but it'd be nice to have a fix for this in the future. But considering that the program helps save so much time and produces great videos, I don't mind.

Thanks so much for Muvizu!
2011/4/22 17:25:35
mp3's won't import So, I am loving Muvizu - just got wind of it and already have a video that I'm working on, but I am having a problem. Whenever I try to import and mp3, I get the message:

"There was an error when importing the audio file.

The file is in an unknown format."

Now, these are just mp3s, and I've tried many different files from many different sources. Does anyone know what could be causing this?
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