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2017/2/10 23:29:36
Motion blur Hi,

is it possible to record changes of depth on the ' motion blur ' bar onto the timeline...? Say 0% then inrease up to max through a 5 second period etc .

2017/2/8 23:51:46
New here PatMarrNC wrote:
welcome to the world (and forum) of MUVIZU!

Im in .

No doubt be trying to pick your brain for questions i wish i hadnt asked ... but thats just me, been the same for 20 years with studio equipment. Dive in , ask later.

Im a singer/songwriter. The vid I will be starting with already has a story board.... A snail that has had enough of being stuck to the ground, goes on the beer, gets tattoos and grabs a wingsuit on way to mount everest with a broken heart.

See you in a month

Heres my latest song/video if you fancy a look ( ) .... tweaked animation, its me playing guitar in the vid. The Shutter fk up effect through direct sunlight ( on a shutter camera) gives the oscillation on the guitar strings. Done in my garden when we got that day of sun in London.

The song is written and recorded by me here in my studio.

Thought id have a go myself now at animating a video for my next single.

Nice to meet you, spk soon no doubt.

2017/2/8 22:21:55
ERROR loading scene Why thank you kind sir I will do just that .

One last question... when I dload all the packs, where should I download to ...? is there a best place in my computer... or will the program point to them without prompting..?

2017/2/8 22:13:04
ERROR loading scene No problem , nice to meet you by the way... Im Kev. I use the name Veniko as my artist name... singer / songwriter. Im trying to make a vid for a new song and the snail character has got the ' X' factor. Heres one of my videos and songs if you fancy a listen... just so you know Im serious about this shizzle.

So if I were to purchase all these packs you sent links to... total about 40/50 pounds i suppose ... I would be able to utilise everything that is in Muvizu..? The plan is to get stuck right in ... I love animating video , new to it.

Thankyou for this !!!!!!!!!!!!
2017/2/8 21:59:30
ERROR loading scene Oh, Just need that penny now then...........

By feature, do you mean something inside of Muvizu..? sorry but i am new here.
2017/2/8 21:51:47
ERROR loading scene Ah I think I get it, you need certain packs to make the set work...

Penny drop moment.


2017/2/8 21:39:14
ERROR loading scene Hey, thanks for the prompt reply.

I have contacted the creator. Is this common....? most of the others i have tried seem to work ok, I thought it may be corrupted some how.,.?

2017/2/8 21:05:19
New here Hey guys, cant wait to get stuck in.... this is exactly what I was looking for for my music videos... Looks amazeballs.

Spk soon

2017/2/8 20:41:16
ERROR loading scene Hi, I just got into Muvizu today... cant wait to get started.. looks great. So I went straight for opening up the snail set from the online choices and it gets to 99% complete then gives error message.... ' There was an error loading the scene, the feature you are trying to use is not licensed'

Not sure whats best to do, I paid straight away for license, activated it and installed the latest version of software...

Other sets open up fine, well the ones Ive tried.. sods law that this is my favourite looking one and doesnt work

Anyone help..?


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