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2010/2/19 21:35:44
A few suggestions :) if it would be possable. I would like to see it that viehicles like cars and wagons... and tanks being able to move using the same system as characters.
and mayby animals as well. thanks for reading
2010/1/12 14:09:43
Love animation Hello. my name is Daragh Carroll.
I am very pasionate about animation and i have been doing it for roughly 2 years now.
i started up my own smalltime productions company and im on youtube/
I'd love to here from all of you telling me about your animations and how hard you worked.
I appriciate even the worst animation becausei know how hard it is for begginers.
im new to muvizu so i would love advice and help.
I have added my first video on muvizu below.

and my website
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