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2012/11/6 12:02:45
New Introduction Hello Deon, welcome to Happyland!
Its fun fun Fun all the way
2012/11/3 15:48:12
My thinkings Hi guys, nice suggestions, especially the flowing clothing for the old characters
I had an old project I nearly completed but the only thing I struggled with and
Ditch my project was a cape, yes I might as well tell everyone on the forum...
A while back I had a project, A Superman project.I completed the first
episode and was going to add the cape through green sceening and masks, yeah I know, its tuff, I did some tests and it looks cool, but doing it is very very very very
time, sleep, hair loss consuming work, and guess what, I burnt out, period..

Ok, what I'm saying is this, HQ, is it possible for a cape for the Fatman?
HQ, this was all that was holding up my Superman comedy parody mini movie..
I did three scripts for it, funny stuff, honest, come on, give me the cape for fat boy

Cheers, art
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2012/11/2 12:54:07
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! Thankyou everyone, fellow Muvizuers, HQ, what a great competition!
Some truly outstanding videos in there I must say, top stuff guys!!

Glad you liked the video, poor guy, its a shame he's not coming back for more fun!
Still he's in the best place now with old Lucy....

well done to all, my personal favourites were Ziggs, and Woztoons, great vids..

Thanks again, art
2012/10/31 20:26:03
Movie not in Gallery? Thanks Jamie, I just thought there was something wrong with youtube because
they have been messing around with their website a lot, not as good as it used to be....

Cheers, art
2012/10/31 14:28:04
Movie not in Gallery? Hi team, uploaded a vid last night, still not showing in gallery, any problems?
2012/10/31 2:00:13
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! Ok, here is my little Halloween Video I knocked up as fast as I could, and remember to stock up on your
sweeties for the trick or treaters!! I might be too late but, enjoy!!

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2012/10/26 0:49:22
Switch Layers for face mask, or textures? Well put urbanlamb, a lot can be achieved in post edit and rightly so.
All I want in the future if possible is to get these effects in our movies quickly, so
we can go to sleep in a decent time, and knowing our little creative wonders have
Uploaded for HQ to watch with their tea and shortbreads.

Remember fellow Muvizuers, Make Movies in hours not weeks, keep the faith!!!
Over and out, art
2012/10/26 0:06:20
Switch Layers for face mask, or textures? Ooh, I've just thought of another way to simulate bullet holes or blood splats......

what about shining three spotlights in sequence with individual pngs for each light

just shining any png with transparency through a spotlight in sequence..

Mmmm, I'm gonna try this

I suppose your character will have to stand still for this to work, but
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2012/10/25 22:25:06
Switch Layers for face mask, or textures? Berty, that's great advice, I'll use that method, you have educated me, thanks bud!

Mr Ziggs, you sly fox you, what a nice effective method that is, yes, very slick edit,
Using ordered pngs, it worked a treat and I couldn't see the blood bags, honest!
Now, I will use your secret trick in the future, but I would still love to see a switch
Gizmo inside Muvizu for this type of thing.
I think something where you could have your bullet hole pngs ready to go in the
Animation actions window in Direct Mode? Basically a texture action? That when you click on it, it will show you your stored Pngs that you have created for your
Characters Body map, ie, eyebrows, tears, blood splats, cuts, lipstick??
This would be fantastic for facial photo maps aswell, ( picture 1- smiling, 2-sad ect)
This could cure the facial animation problem, not a lot... just a little...
2012/10/25 13:03:14
Switch Layers for face mask, or textures? Hi team, I've touched on this before, but is there or will there be a way to switch
Textures, be it for body textures, face mask, objects ect??

I think this would be a great feature, you could animate facial emotions, tears ect
Just by switching your layers in the right order.

Could switch layers be the answer for photo facial animation, blood splats, bullet holes, window cracking........
What do you think, is this possible team Muvizu?
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2012/10/24 13:11:04
Spooky Halloween #1 challenge! Thanks guys, and well done to everyone!

The website looks Spooky Cool, hopefully I can whack out a spooky video in time!
2012/10/15 23:51:29
Spooky Halloween #1 challenge! This is " The Judgement "

2012/9/28 11:01:02
New character? Hi team, muvizuers!

Ok, just a little one to think about over the week end.
Firstly, the new characters are great, but I really think they lack a fourth character
In the shape of a normal, Male, slender type body hero, ok I know you have the original
Characters, but their head shape and slouchy standing pose does not cut it.
What I think is something like beefy, but half the shoulder width?
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2012/9/26 18:27:50
Rebirth Yeah it kinda works I think, the story is the most important thing really and it has a Doctor who feel about it, which is good, also good work with the sonic screwdriver!

Its worth keeping going with it and improving it like Tales from Zombie Town, which is picking up fans because of the continued STORY........

My little tip is to try to twist the Dr who theme even more, and with better comedy, and twists.
Maybe the Tardis changes into something else ? A red Telephone Box, A toilet, A Photo Booth ect ect ect........ ????

The thing to remember is there is loads of Dr who stuff on youtube, and I think there is a Flash version. so if you want to get people to really like your Dr Who in the Muvizu style then make it completely different in every way, after all, it is called " The rebirth "
So Yeah, have another go, and shock us again Shock
2012/7/18 13:27:30
Heroes and Villains animation suggestion box Ok HQ, love the new stuff, all is working well.

Here are my animations needed.

1 - The Big Push, with hands, also a Push with shoulder.
2 - The Big lift ( from floor to above head )
3 - The Big Pull.
4 - Ground and Pound ( kneeling down and smashing ground with fists, LOOPED )
5 - Skidding to a Stop, after running at great speed...
6 - Mid Air kick with and without arms folded.
7 - Mid Air wave when flying.
9 - The Spin throw ( spinning with Bad Guy then throwing him/her )
Think sort of like the Hammer throw.
Some of these might be already there.
Ok that's all
Thanks artpen
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2012/6/11 21:07:01
Muvizu needs you! Go on then, i'll av a pop!
2012/5/17 10:20:57
Feedback Thread - v0.20b release (May 2012) I agree with most of what has been said, but I think Muvizu
is getting everything in place for a complete package.

The new character packs are going to give Muvizu a big draw
for new talent because I really think if Muvizu does not add
Quickly to character developments then a lot of Trolls out
there will knock muvizu movies....
Dare I say this, Type-cast muvizu Characters?

Youtube is a nasty place sometimes, and Muvizu does not need
to be slagged for Basic Characters, but an animation solution
with mixed character styles to please a big audience
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2012/5/1 13:06:48
I am an Astronaut I enjoyed that!
2012/4/27 12:13:32
TALES FROM ZOMBIETOWN EPISODE (7) Now your talking! , those Zombies are nasty, love it!!
Eat your heart out G.Romero!!!
2012/4/21 16:13:15
Extremely slow upload to muvizu/youtube...Help... Hi, you will find all the good links for Codecs under Codecs
in the ( Video Discussion ) section of this forum.

Hope to see you video soon!

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