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2011/11/8 18:06:12
I could not find the problem I have I initially used a wav. format but it would not load into the sound interface creator.. so I created the mp3 which worked. It was made with Adobe Audition. THEN there is the fact that these files became totally corrupted and could not open once closed. So I deleted them and started again, realizing that it must be something to deal with the sound, possibly not just my created sound but also these other sounds.. because once I started using these provided sounds, and adding them, the software started to run slower.. but I managed to create something.

I've been having problems with my computer as well.. (a laptop with a dead monitor) devising ways around that! Just not my luck with 7 different contests I want to enter! I wish there was a quick fix like going directly to those c files and fixing them.. but I'm not exactly certain about what exactly I would be doing or fixing.

Not completely computer illiterate, but with the windows... there are many bits of information scattered about in various drivers and files.

Thanks for an attempt, I suspect I will just have to continue to pursue and tweek things without saving after the addition of audio for now.
2011/11/8 12:18:14
I could not find the problem I have Fatal error!

Address = 0x77c65f99 (filename not found)
Address = 0x77c66287 (filename not found)
Address = 0x77c665a6 (filename not found)
Address = 0x68f5a25d (filename not found)
Address = 0x76166e6a (filename not found)
Address = 0x76166f54 (filename not found)
Address = 0x62008684 (filename not found)
Address = 0x6200d38b (filename not found)
Address = 0x62010afe (filename not found)
Address = 0x11c32c21 (filename not found)


The problem has started since adding my sound.. which means I've got only one chance to create the file OR I can't tweak it again.. this is recent since adding a mp3 sound I created, very short little guitar thing.
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