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2017/4/21 10:08:19
Digimania has gone into administration Oh my Go guys,
you are being so kind with me!
If only I could get a third of attention that you are gicing me from the muvizu team, it would have been the best customer suport ever...
instead I have been warned to no to post anything anymore on this chat, can you immagine?
In other words, I have been asked to shut up.
Here is the message from this MrDrWho13 (I donno who this guy is, whether a memeber of the team or a simple user):

QUOTE: "...The future of Muvizu is unclear at the moment, so I urge you to stop whining in the community forum about your case. We can't help. I hope PayPal can give you a refund (they tend to be good about those things)

Ah, thanks to the guy who is trying to make being contacted by's very kind of you, dear friend, but at the moment I am in India, so I don't think they will call me. Anyway thanks for trying helping me!
I appreciated a lot!
2017/4/20 15:22:20
Digimania has gone into administration Guys, maybe you don't want to understand and keep ion justifying these people:
vacation or not, prolonged holidays or not...IF YOU BUY A SOFTWARE AND GET AN EMPTY BOX IS A CHEATING!
There is no holiday enough to justify their silence.
I have a non working software since the day I have purchase it and nobody is gonna reply me from the team...Ah!Ah!Ah! What team?
There is only one crappy person out there.If they close is far better!
I donno why you keep on justifying these cheaters!
Ah, now I know...because your sfoftware is working!
well, pout yourself in my shoes with a non working exe and then let me know if you still are able to justify weeks of silence altogether!
I have been left all alone. Eevn paypèal is giving me fully reason. They have verified all the entire story and I am right 100%!
2017/4/20 13:30:54
Digimania has gone into administration No, dude, what extended holidays?!
They are gone!
There is no reply at all!
they have not even reply to Paypal!
Why wasting our time here!
better to get out of this mess up and make a new life with another software. There are plenty out there:
Cinema 4D
Source Filmmaker
Maya/3D Max
2017/4/20 12:50:58
Digimania has gone into administration Hi guys,
see, whether the failure of digimaniac is true or not, in both cases they sucks:
If the company has collapsed, they suck because they are giving unnecessary troubles to new customers as well as old ones by not telling the truth and not informing anybody of the tragic event.

On the other hand, if the company is still working, well, in this case they suck even more, because now it's 20th of april and since the 8th of april I am not able to use my muvizu, after purchasing a regula key, so they have read all emails of mine, they have merged all of them into a single numebr ( this is the proof that they are reading my emails, unless there is an authomatic machine who does the job).
and lo, they are not at all unswering to me, neither providing me with any possible solution.

So, guys, it has been a pleasure chatting with all of you, but I am out!
Enough is enough!
This digimaniac sucks in both ways, so there is no menaning for anybody with a little brain out there to use this software managed by crappy people!
keeping on writing them and waiting for a never coming help further more will remove my dignity as a human being!
Go to hell Digimaniac people!
Go to hell!


2017/4/19 20:59:27
Digimania has gone into administration ok now I have undestood everything!
The digimania has collapsed!
Well, it's time to contact paypal
thabk you to everybody rather than these digimaniac people!
They do not have even the decency to tell the truth to their customer!
What a depressing company!
Bleah! I feel womiting right now.
Let's catch TooVidio, better!
Bye to all

2017/4/19 20:52:44
Unable To Use License Key I am having the same problem of error e2 since 8th of april and till now I haven't received any help. Simply they have decided to not reply!
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