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2011/6/23 12:45:53
a problem with Muvizu installer I have found it was due to a download malfunction. Apparently, at least for me, I had to stay on this website while it downloaded. The initial download, I closed this website and went to another while the program was downloading. For some reason, this caused some of the file to fragment. I have managed to download and install it.

Unfortunately, my graphics card doesn't support alpha blending with floating point render targets. So I am unable to use this program. It's unfortunate, it looked like it might be a lot of fun to play around with. I had been using Moviestorm, but it is too Sims looking for my taste, and so it wasn't what I was really looking for in an animation program. But, it works. I may have to go back to it. Thanks for the response though. This site looks fantastic.

Hopefully a future build of this program will be made available that is less requirement intensive. I would definitely give it a go. Thanks.
2011/6/22 13:58:13
a problem with Muvizu installer I believe the file size was in the neighborhood of 584mb or something to that effect. It took roughly 30 min. to download. I will try to download it again, and see what happens.
2011/6/22 13:43:54
a problem with Muvizu installer I seem to be having trouble installing this program. I'm running windows vista 32 bit., have all the latest updates etc. I went and downloaded the program installer after finding some of your videos on youtube to try it out. But, when I click on the installer it locks up my Windows explorer forcing me to restart my pc or nothing will work. I try to run it as administrator with the same result. When I try to scan it with my antivirus software, it tries to read the .exe file but it scans it endlessly without finishing the process. I have since deleted the installer I downloaded directly from this site. I would sure like to try this thing out. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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