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2011/6/29 14:32:53
Ciao a tutti(Hi everybody!) Ciao,

Anche io ho un pò di problemi perchè non sempre è semplice capire al meglio questi tutorial, soprattutto perchè capire l'inglese ascoltato è sempre più difficile rispetto a quello scritto. Mi piacerebbe molto dare una mano, se creaste una guida in inglese potrei tradurla in lingua italiana. Lo farei molto volentieri.

I have troubles too, it's not always simple to understand these tutorials, expecially because understand english talked is more difficult than english writed. I'd like to help Muvizu Italian Community, if someone from the stuff send me a tutorial guide i could translate it in italian language. I'll be glade to make it.


2011/6/29 9:59:53
Our Italian Muvizu Project ok i post another video without nudity

and this our video :

2011/6/28 14:19:31
Our Italian Muvizu Project Hi there ,

As i told in other posts, we are starting to make a web cartoon using Muvizu. We'll open a proper YouTube channel. We are now in brainstorming phase, but we have many fun ideas. The strong point of our job is that we have a famous Italian Imitator (already worked for Sky, Canale 5, Radio 101, Rai 1) that will make for us "the voice". Our goal is to make laugh the people, and i'm sure we will make it happen.
Our idea was to make a sarcastic news television . We will have a studio with 2 tv speakers, 1 ironic dog on the desk and a special correspondent speaker that interview vips or public people (politicians etc..) in other places every time.
Any technical advice would be appreciated. I'll update this post with our new videos any time that we make a new one.

I've already started to make some test. Here is one :

Imitation of Christian De Sica & Massimo Boldi

by moderator

They are 2 famous italian actors, you can compare the voices with the imitation, really impressive :

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2011/6/28 14:04:34
Animals I was wondering if are there some animals charaters. I found in Muvizu only dog charater, but he stay stand up while i prefer a dog with four feets on the floor. I also wonder if it is a place where i can download more charaters about animals.


mr sponkie
2011/6/24 15:33:28
YouTube partner program I was wondering...

If I (hypotethically) open my own channel on YouTube where i upload hundreds of Muvizu Movies.. These Web Cartoons become very popular and YouTube ask me to become partner. What about Muvizu copyrights? May I earn money from Web Cartoons made from me using Muvizu ?
Reading the commercial enquiries it seems that i have to share the 20% of my incomes with Muvizu, am i wrong?
So if I (hypotethically) earn 100 $ from YouTube, I ave to pay 20 $ to Muvizu, right ?
May you explain better how do you technically work with your commercial partners ?
My friend work in one of the most important Italian Radio, he is a famous "imitator" , and we would like to open a YouTube channel with some funny comedy. First of all I have to improve my skills with Muvizu, after we'll start to write the stories, we would like to make a popular web cartoon (or at least just to try to make it). When we'll have at least 10 movies we'll upload its in a proper YouTube Channel and we will start to advertise these videos through Facebook Fan Page, blog, etc..
If all goes will go in the right way and our videos will generate a viral "word of mouth" i'm sure we will have thousands of fans and probably we could begin to think to earn money from it.
Ok stop dreaming now, just i was wondering it, and i'd like to have more informations about the commercial use of Muvizu.


mr sponkie
2011/6/24 12:36:54
Keep my charaters drive a scooter grazie Marco...

peccato per l'ebook

Mi stavo chiedendo se fosse possibile stendere le braccia sul manubrio dello scooter.

Grazie mille !!
2011/6/24 9:00:01
Keep my charaters drive a scooter Hi there,

Since i started to study Muvizu i found some troubles to keep my charater drive a scooter. I didn't find the way to di it. My man don't want to sit on the scooter.
May You help me?

By the way. I've got a lot of problems to understand Muvizu tutorials. As You know, it's more difficult understand a foreign language if You have to listen, while it's more easy to' understand when You read the words. So i'd like to know if exist an ebook tutorial of Muvizu. I'd like to translate it for all italians community that found my same problems.


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2011/6/23 23:43:23
upload 1,22 GB video Grazie mille per avermi risposto nella mia lingua ))

E' segno di una comunità molto seria.

Comunque spiego come ho risolto. Ho dovuto rifare da capo il mio cartoon, poi ho dovuto scaricare xvid per poterlo caricare su YouTube in quanto il file dopo il download risultava pesantissimo (1,25 GB), quindi prima di creare il vostro cartoon scaricate xvid e salvatelo con quel codec.
2011/6/23 13:22:35
upload 1,22 GB video Hi there,

I'm new here.

Today i've made my first Muvizu Video : AMAZING !!!

Unfortunately i forget to upload it on YouTube. Well, i've only saved the .avi video, i lost also the original file where i've created the video.

So now i have a 1,22 GB video and i'd like to upload it on YouTube. It unfortunately take many hours and i'm quite bored to wait.

Any advice ? how can i fix my problem?


mr sponkie.
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