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2011/10/19 10:23:25
Google Sketch Up Problem Thanks a lot for your help ... ... that was my problem .... couldn't make out clearly what was said on the video ... sounded like totl ...... its working now ..... thanks for all your help ...

toonarama wrote:
Have you created the toto.bmp file in the directotry C:/UT3
2011/10/19 9:48:44
Google Sketch Up Problem thanks !!!

I did do that ... i down scaled it ?? I floated it ... everything as suggested .... still nothing ... makes no sense ...

Dylly wrote:
When you saved the sketchup model as an .ase file using the exporter did you remember to manually type .ase after naming the file as the exporter sometimes misses this step out?

At the minute I'm forever forgetting to do this and get the same message. Just nip back into sketchup, re-export and name your file 'name.ase' (whatever the name is) and muvizu will find the file.

hope this helps.
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2011/10/19 9:17:44
Google Sketch Up Problem Hi there .... Having read all the tutorials & watched all the related videos .... I am still struggling to import an ase file created from a Google Sketchup 3D image ...?? It gives me the following error in Muvizu ... Cannot find file ??? I don't know what I am doing wrong ???

Please advise ??
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