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2011/9/6 22:19:10
Crash when preparing character properties I just want to let the developers know that the application crashes any time I choose "Prepare > Character Properties" for the skeleton. I tried going to character properties with the woman in the scene and it worked fine. Unfortunately, I am creating a vid with the skeleton so it is unusable at this point. I luckily have the installer for the Beta and have reverted to that.

Just wanted to pass this on in case it's a universal issue.
2011/8/31 19:01:56
Animate focus distance, DOF or field of view Aaah, I accidentally deleted the original post. But thank you ukBerty, I was not giving the camera the Focus Distance property to begin with, so did not have it available under "Prepare, Object Properties". Thanks for that.

I do agree, the controls are touchy and I think your alternate method would be more efficient. Cheers!
2011/8/31 4:17:51
Use character in different scene As soon as I posted, I found the solution. For anyone who doesn't know, you can copy the character and paste him in a new scene. I didn't think to copy a character at first, but a useful feature.

See ya Muvizu Community and have fun animating life!
2011/8/31 4:15:44
Use character in different scene First of all, hello Muvizu Community! The software is great and a lot of fun. Looking forward to learning and teaching once I am better.

I may be having a brain lapse, but I cannot figure out what should be a simple procedure. I have a character in a scene. I finished the scene and I'd like to use him in a different setting. How do I keep the character alive open a new scene? There's no way to export the character to import him back once a new scene is open. I don't see a way to open a new scene without losing the character either.

Surely, I do not have to recreate the character from scratch each time I want to use him in a different location-or do I?

Thanks for the help.
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